SkyCity Relax COVID Rules At Hamilton And Queenstown Properties

At its Hamilton and Queenstown properties, SkyCity Entertainment Group has relaxed controls, but its Auckland facility will retain those restrictions in place for at least two weeks after the government of New Zealand’s latest update.

This has seen the county move into warning level one, the lowest level in New Zealand on its COVID alert system, which can be implemented at the regional or national level of a city, town, territorial local authority, with Auckland moving to level two from midnight tonight (Wednesday 23 September).

There are no limits on mass meetings and physical distance criteria for companies outside of SkyCity’s headquartered city of Auckland at warning level one, also called ‘prepare,’

This implies that the above-mentioned Hamilton and Queenstown venues of the business will see events and promotions begin again, with electronic gaming machines and tables returning to regular operations without physical distance requirements, including the previously introduced ‘gaming zone.’

In addition, members of the public will now be able to return to the casino, with prior limits allowing only members of SkyCity ‘s premier rewards access.

SkyCity’s Auckland property remains open with physical distancing and hygiene criteria in place at warning level two, often called ‘reducing,’ meaning that restricted group transmission could occur and active clusters could be in more than one area.

At warning level two in Auckland, it is also mandatory to wear masks on domestic flights to, from or via the city and on public transport, such as trains , buses and ferries. Up to 100 people can attend gatherings.

Wearing masks on domestic flights to, from or from Auckland is mandatory for the remainder of the country. Wearing a mask on public transport is not necessary, but it is encouraged.

On Monday 5 October, the New Zealand government intends to review the COVID-19 warning levels. There were 62 active cases of coronavirus in the country as of September 23.