Scientific Games Duo Join Power Players List

Keith O’Loughlin and Benjie Cherniak are just two of the Power Players who push for Scientific Games the increased presence of US sports betting.

Last month, Sports Business Journal named O’Loughlin and Cherniak as Power Players, a news organisation that provides coverage of acquisitions, trades, contracts, and boardroom power plays that form the evolving sports landscape in the United States.

The Sports Betting Journal released a statement that reads: “O’Loughlin has stepped up the U.S. sports betting presence of Las Vegas-based Scientific Games, known mostly as a $3 billion provider/operator of brick-and-mortar and online casino games.

“A deal to provide its OpenSports platform to Caesars’ brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in at least seven states was key, as was the acquisition of Don Best, an oddsmaking and real-time betting information service headed by Cherniak.”

The pair joined Dr. Laila Mintas from Bet. Works, who was also added to the list as a bonus for her role in paving the way for the country’s legal sports betting.

O’Loughlin is the SVP of Sportsbook and Platforms at SG Digital, the digital subsidiary of Scientific Games, while Cherniak is the managing director of Don Best Sports–the data services company purchased by Scientific Games in 2018, which now allows OpenTrade, a 360-degree trading platform operated by SG Online.

OpenTrade is one of the main supporting pillars of the updated OpenSports sportsbook initiative by SG Digital, which is still led by the world-renowned OpenBet sports betting engine but underpinned by OpenAccelerate, according to O’Loughlin–a value-added platform for functions such as recruitment, retention and player interaction.

Speaking at the Betting on Sports America conference in New York and New Jersey this year, he explained:  “OpenBet, OpenPlatform, OpenTrade and OpenEngage are the core products that enable operators in the US to deliver what they want.

“Yet they are all underpinned by what we call our OpenAccelerate program – a suite of services that helps an operator run their day-to-day operations and ultimately win in the market.”