PL Requires Six Week Window To Finalise Season

British media has announced this weekend that the Premier League is reviewing plans to restart its new football season on 1 June, requesting a timetable of six weeks to complete the proceedings.

1 June was identified as the’ target date’ of the Premier League, but preparations remain uncertain as further changes in COVID-19 interrupt the timetable of UK sports.

The Premier League is searching for a six-week timeframe to play the remaining nine matches and finish the FA Cup, already in the quarter-final stage.

The Premier League will play its matches behind closed doors to meet its strict timetable and will demand that Public Health UK sign on to its schedule, enabling emergency services to attend matches.

A joint statement issued by the FA and English football leagues last week confirmed the postponement to Thursday 30 April of all-level professional play.

UK media also claims that the Premier League may break its £ 3bn television deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport if it fails to complete proceedings for the 2019/2020 season.

The Sun Sports and Daily Mail claimed that the Premier League could face a £ 750 million legal fight attached to television rights and loss of profits should the league fail to conclude a new TV deal by August 1, the official start date.

English football stakeholders will hold crucial meetings this week to discuss more contingencies and changes in the COVID-19 schedule.