Ory Weihs: Casino And Sportsbook Sites Need To Up Their Game

With gambling becoming legal across the United States, especially on sports betting, an increasing number of companies are wanting to tap into the American market, recognising that this is a region of the globe where they can earn substantial revenue. Americans spent billions of dollars on gambling each year, so the ability to do so without legal obstacles would massively push that number up.

While people are likely to spend their leisure money on things like this, XL Media’s Ory Weihs has recently said that casino and sportsbook sites will need to step up their game. This is not a scenario of “Field of Dreams” where people will come to a site simply because it is there. Such websites need to deliberately attract customers to come.

“The quality of the product has to go up. We haven’t done that so much in gambling in the U.S. yet. We’ve done that a lot in finance, but that’s improve the quality of the product, really offer unique tips, unique bonuses, that’s another part of it, unique tips, betting lines, sports information, videos, infographics. You really have to step it up,” he said.

Weihs points out that the way sites are being developed these days is changing through the younger generation. In fact, he explains the following: “We’re not even building for desktop anymore. The fact that it’s both a mobile and short attention span audience and a lot of other distractions, apps open, pop messages just coming in while their browsing, make the content very accessible, very direct, interesting, and all that.”

To keep customers coming back, everything about the page has to be appealing and almost ideal. While building the perfect location, no stone can be left unturned. “You have to make sure that anything from the buttons are in the right place, the colours are in the right place, the offerings are interesting, the site loads fast.”

To achieve this goal, Weihs clarified to Liggero that leaders of each organisation need to be committed to compliance with the country or state regulations, as well as making sure that the site’s appeal is optimum.

“Most organisations should have somebody devoted, it doesn’t have to be full-time, but at least part-time, devoted to these issues. Per country, per product, gather up all the needs, make sure all the sites and all the webmasters in all of the media buyers are doing exactly what they should.”

With gambling becoming an increasingly prevalent industry in the U.S., these establishments, designers and owners would be wise to listen to his advice.