Novomatic Group Continues Transition

The Austrian gaming giant Novomatic Group is continuing the transition that started with the restructuring of its Sales and Production Departments last year.

All distribution units are now bundled under the control of Jakob Rothwangl, and Walter Eschbacher is now centrally overseeing the entire Production Department. The emphasis is on increasing productivity and amplifying the potential for synergy.

Focusing on new customer acquisitions and growing international networking activities, the Global Sales Department will also improve the already excellent customer service for current internal and external customers.

Combined departments

The Production and Logistics Department will combine the Departments of Production, Purchasing, Logistics and Custom Manufacturing for the electronics, joinery, printing and plastics manufacturing segments, enabling processes to be quicker and more efficient.

Ryszard Presch, Executive Board Member of Novomatic, said: “We are using this pandemic to improve internal processes, and are restructuring the Production and Sales Departments as part of the transformation process we began last year.

“We are pleased to have Jakob Rothwangl and Walter Eschbacher, both experienced, long-term managers at Novomatic, take over leadership in these important segments, and are certain their work will guarantee continuity and efficiency.”

Jakob Rothwangl, VP of Global Sales at Novomatic AG, said: “I would like to say thank you for this wonderful new challenge and for the trust placed in me as I accept this opportunity to reorganise and optimize Group Sales.

“The top priority is to maximise customer satisfaction by developing and selling high-quality products and services perfectly matched to the needs of our customers and their markets.”

Walter Eschbacher, Director of Production and Logistics at Novomatic AG, added: “The new Production & Logistics Department consolidates closely connected segments into a single department in order to react even more quickly to changing market requirements.

“My focus will be on establishing new production processes and making use of synergy potentials in order to shorten delivery times and therefore guarantee that the company and its Austrian production locations remain competitive.”