Former Miss Global Iran Melika Razavi Wins WSOP Online Bracelet

Former Miss Global Iran Melika Razavi has won the World Series of Poker Online Bracelet. Razavi represented Iran in the 2016 Miss Global pagaent and has had other achievements in that field over the last few years.

Razavi has now received a prized piece of jewellery from another form of contest in 2020, having  defeated a field of 2,024 total entrants to win the World Series of Poker Online $1,050 buy-in ‘Beat The Pros’ no-limit hold’em bounty event, winning a WSOP gold bracelet and a $239,180 top prize. This was the highest score of her career, surpassing the $56,120 she won in a $1,500 buy-in event at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel-Casino in Cyprus as the fifth-place finiser.

With Peter Chien in the lead, the final table started with Andre Difelice and Razavi sitting with the next-largest stacks. At the final table Vadim Stoyanov was the first to tall. He got all-in against the Razavi A-K with pocket eights. Razavi was given the lead by the king-high flop which she held through the river. Stoyanov reached the rail in ninth position and earned $20,704 for his deep drive.

The next to be disqualified was two-time bracelet winner Elio Fox. His last chips with an Ace of clubs and a 9 of clubs went in preflop.  iHe got a call from World Poker Tour champion Dylan Linde who picked up King of hearts and King of Diamonds. Linde made a river-side heart flush to lock Fox’s pot and bust in eighth place ($28,450).

Peter Chien was eventually knocked out in seventh place after heading into the final table with the lead. He lost a big flop with A-K to slip to the bottom of the leaderboard against Difelice ‘s pocket queens and was eliminated not long after. He was the seventh-place finisher, winning $40,251.

When her set of sevens crashed into a set of aces for Difelice, Razavi faced a setback but she was able to replace WSOP and WPT champion Mike Leah to get back on track. Leah made a ten-high flush, but was unable to match Razavi’s queen-high flush, and was eliminated in sixth place ($41,892).

2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller Champion Martin Zamani was disqualified when he played for Razavi in quad nines. Zamani won $51,081 for his showing in fifth place. This was his 13th WSOP Series in-the-money finish.Not long after, Leonid Yanovski got all-in with Jack of Hearts and 9 of Hearts, and received a call from the King of Spades and Queen of Spades from Difelice. Difelice flopped a pair and a flush draw and held from there for his fourth-place finish, sending Yanovski to the rail with $66,056.

Difelice fell to chip counts at the bottom during three-handed action. He finally got all-in from the button with Ace of Diamonds and 6 of Clubs, and was called by Linde’s K of Diamond and King of Clubs. After the board came out the big pair remained the best hand and Difelice settled as the third-place finisher for $114,413.

Razavi took almost a lead in heads-up play with Razavi with a 2:1 chip. Linde in the final hand limped in from the button with Q of Diamond 3 of iHeart Suit.  With King of Diamond and 4 of Clubs, Razavi checked her option and the King of Spades and King of Clubs 3 of Club Suit handed her kings on the trip. She checked, and Linde and his kings and threes checked behind. The 5 of hearts on turn saw Razavi make a small value bet called, and the board was completed with the 4 of Hearts. Razavi checked and for about 10 big blinds, Linde was moving all-in. Razavi called in to secure the pot and the title with her rivered full house.

Linde fell short of his first WSOP bracelet, but for his runner-up show, he took home $147,447. He now has recorded tournament earnings of more than $4.4 million.

Final Table Payouts:

Place Name Earnings
1 Melika Razavi $239,180
2 Dylan Linde $147,447
3 Andre Difelice $114,413
4 Leonid Yanovski $66,056
5 Martin Zamani $51,081
6 Mike Leah $41,892
7 Peter Chien $40,251
8 Elio Fox $28,450
9 Vadim Stoyanov $20,704