Carnival Queen Slot Review

All across the world, the arrival of Carnival Season brings with it much celebration and revelry. Carnival Queen is a Bonanza themed game inspired by fiestas such as Mardi Gras and the Brazilian holiday of Carnivale.

This festive slots game offers player 4,096 paylines, avalanche reels, and multipliers that lead to a potential payday of up to 22,700x. Let’s take a look at this festive slots game, unveil this Thunderkick title, and examine all its exciting features. 

About Carnival Queen Slot Game

Carnival queen is a 6 reel slots game, and as the name suggests, it is based on a Carnival theme. Players will be greeted by a spectacular explosion of colour on all the games visuals, including the symbols. It has an upbeat EDM soundtrack that gives you an unforgettable party experience. 

The well-designed graphics of the game make great use of its theme to give players an unforgettable visual experience. The animation and art are only as intricate as are necessary for such a game. The backdrop to the colourful reels is a purplish night scene teeming with enthralling characters. 

The pay symbols and other visuals of the game are strongly reminiscent of an EDM music festival taking place on the vibrant streets of New Orleans. The music is synchronized beautifully with the reel sounds producing a great party groove for players. The party gets even wilder in the bonus round, with the intensity of the music going up a notch as the characters and crowd transform into spooky skeletons. 

The symbols range from single to fully stacked. The classic cards from 9 to A come first, followed by many different figures in a wide array of coloured costumes. The slot’s wild symbol and the King Carnival Crown are the top-paying symbols of the game. The low resolution of the game makes it better suited to be played on small screens. 

How to Play Carnival Queen Slots Online

While the game may appear more complex than most slots, Carnival Queen is way simpler to play than you might expect. Adjusting the stake is a simple as choosing one of the 14 available wagers by utilizing the chip button on your screen. After choosing your wager, press the spin control to start playing. 

The game features a cascade system in which any winning symbols are removed after they are counted up. They are then replaced by new symbols that fall from above. This can offer player new wins, and more cascades will follow. 

Punters who prefer to play on android or IOS devices will be thrilled to know that this game is fully compatible with them and comes with a complete set of controls to enable them to play with greater ease. You can start playing manually or use the autoplay mode to play an automated round. 

Interactive Features

Progressive jackpots- There are two distinct features in the base game- the Avalanche feature and an increasing win multiplier. The Avalanche feature allows you to take home some major wins. The Avalanche shows you winning combinations in a continuous waterfall of pay symbols. The progressive multiplier will increase your Avalanche winnings by 1x until you have run out of winning combinations. This progressive feature is activated during a free spin in an Avalanche round. It is automatically reset to 1x when the Avalanche ends. 

Bonus games: First, you will receive 12 free spins for landing three or more scatters. In these free spins, every additional scatter obtained will earn you four additional spins. Obtaining two scatters in a single spin earns you three free spins. Should you land more scatters in addition to these two, you will get three free spins for each extra scatter. If you do not land a winning combo during the free spin, a wild symbol appears, and all other symbols on its reel as well as row. 

Symbols – This game features a variety of thematic symbols complementary to the carnival essence of the game. Let’s have a look at these below:

  • The lower paying symbols of the game are represented by playing cards 9-A, while the higher paying ones are pictures of people having a gala time.
  • The Wild symbol in the game is represented by the letter ‘W’. This symbol performs the usual function of substituting other symbols. An additional twist to this symbol is during bonus rounds. It wipes out all other symbols horizontal or vertical to it whenever no winning sequence appears on the screen. 
  • The scatter symbol is represented by none other than the Carnival Queen herself, with BONUS carved beneath it. 
  • This game does not have a multiplier symbol, per se. However, it does feature a multiplier meter. Players can boost first-level payouts numerous times using the multiplier meter. The meter is also advanced by the slot anytime symbols are removed. The meter continues until no new wins are attained. It can end up fetching you a prize of up to 7x. After your final win, it is reset back to zero. The free spins bonus also features the multiplier meter. Only, here the meter is never reset to zero.
  • The symbols of Carnival Queen can come either single or stacked.
  • This game features an Autoplay option which allows you to set up 10 to 5000 spins that go on completely uninterrupted. 

What Symbol Triggers Carnival Queen Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The free spins bonus game is triggered every time you obtain three or more scatter symbols in a single spin.

Paylines and Stakes

The minimum bet is 0.10, while the maximum is 100 per spin. This game is unique in that it has no paylines but utilizes 4,096 special avenues that let you collect payment in your preferred manner while you play for real cash. You are paid every time three or more identical symbols land on three or more adjoining reels. There are 11 symbols in the game that give out the prizes. These prizes are divided into lower-paying symbol icons and higher-paying picture icons. You can earn 0.10x to 1.7x your wager per sequence on card symbols. Picture symbols will send you home with way more lucrative prizes, offering you returns as high as 20x your wager. The best part is these are only level prizes that can be increased by utilizing the multiplier meter.     

Carnival Queen Slot Game Software

Carnival Queen is powered by Swedish-based gaming company Thunderkick. Most die-hard gamers would likely have played at least one slot game by the company. Thunderkick was founded in 2012 in Stockholm by a team with considerable experience in the gaming industry. 

The primary focus of the company is to design creative and unique slot games that prioritize the player. They develop their games and platforms completely in-house, thereby ensuring the best possible quality, and these finished products are then delivered to the game providers. Their slots always come with extremely quirky and fun themes, and each slot is different in gameplay and design. While their slots are usually medium variance, they attract a diverse array of players owing to the great diversity of their games. 

Thunderkick is licensed in Malta and the UK. In the very short tenure of the company in the gaming industry, they have helped change the landscape by adding fun into excellent and straightforward gameplay. They are a hot favourite of casinos because of the unique slots they deliver. 

Owing to its core strategy of creating unique high-end products, Thunderkick seems poised to continue with its success. To avoid compromising quality, they avoid rushing into production and spending less time and resources on publicity.  

Some of the top Thunderkick games include:

  • Escaleto Explosivo- Excellent animation, great visuals and an unforgettable background score.
  • Arcader- a hot favourite of classic slot lovers.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas- Top RTP of 98.6%
  • Magicious- RTP of 97.6%
  • Turning Totem- released in November 2016.

What is Carnival Queen Slots RTP?

Carnival Queen is a medium variance slot with an RTP of 96.1%.

More Info

Anyone who has ever played online games would be familiar with the term RTP whether bingo, casinos, or slots. For newbies and the uninitiated, RTP stands for Returns to Player and is the gambling odds of a player. Although knowing RTPs does not guarantee you a victory, a good knowledge of the same can greatly enhance your winnings while minimizing your losses. 

The house edge is a concept that is exactly opposite to RTPs. This refers to the sum that the casino stands to gain from your bet. In most games, the houses edge ranges between 5% to 10%. You can calculate the houses edge by subtracting the RTP of a game from 100%. 

So, let us have a peek at how a good knowledge of RTPs can be beneficial to you. How do you benefit from games with higher RTP?

The benefits of good RTP knowledge are immediately obvious to anyone. 

  • Supposing you start with a bankroll of €100, and you can choose between any two slots. The first slot offers you an RTP rate of 97%, while the second gives you 93%.
  • You may incur a long term loss of €7 while playing on the slot offering RTP 93%, but you will recover €93 of your stake.
  • You may incur a long term loss of €3 while playing on the slot offering RTP 97%, but you will recover €97 of your stake.

Slot Volatility

Carnival Queen is a medium volatility game. Slot volatility refers to the level of risk involved in a particular game. The term is used in describing the frequency and quantity of expected winnings while playing online slots. Some games may give you lengthy dry spells with big wins at sporadic intervals. These games may also give big wins at very brief intervals. Such games are considered to be high volatility slots. The opposite may be said of low volatility slots. These kinds of slots will ensure you have a high frequency of wins, but the amount you take home will be significantly less. 

One way to determine the volatility of a slot is to play it. Alternatively, you can also look at the paytable to determine whether huge wins are possible. Real-life slot machines come with a rating that states the volatility of that game, known as the volatility index. However, this is proprietary information that is generally not released to the general public. There are, however, several websites and gaming forums that provide this information.


Carnival Queen is a game that requires a lot of patience from its player. This is due to the fact it is a medium variance slot. The very high potential winnings of the game are extremely unusual for a slot game of its variance. How often does one come across a game of this category that offers you the chance to walk away with 22,700 times your stake?

While most of the chances at big wins are concentrated in the bonus rounds, you may still attain some good payouts in the base game with the avalanche/multiplier combo. The game has a notable touch of authenticity despite it being a rather run-off-the-mill cascading type slot. Carnival Queen does not come across as a rip-off in any way. With spectacular visuals, fine-tuned maths, and a strew of Thunderkick magic, and Carnival Queen is a captivating game not to be missed.