Btobet’s Neuron 3 Allows “Freedom To Build A Unique UX”.

Neuron 3 will provide medium to large betting and gaming operators with the opportunity to do what is best for their businesses by “freedom to build a unique UX”.

According to Alessandro Fried, CEO of Btobet-the application provider or “technical partner” who chose ICE London this week to launch the company officially.

He said it is crucial for his company to be known as a technical partner, not a platform provider, because it is not for them to “deliver a copy and paste of what BtoBet decides is the best user experience (UX) for the client”.

Fried told a small collection of ICE industry journalists that Neuron 3 is about “delivering a new omnichannel perspective and filling the gaps in the player journey by providing its operators with the technology to develop their betting experience”.

Whether the core focus is on smartphone, internet or retail betting, or whether the customer’s curiosity spreads to the digitally broader platform range offered by Neuron 3–like social media (SM) and TV betting.

Fried confirmed players will be able to place bets through SM Betting on Twitter or Facebook. This new feature, he said, was created with the gambler’s profile in mind today, particularly the “strong tendencies to make use of social communicative platforms”

Players can check for or place bets directly from their favourite social media app through SM Betting–whether this is Twitter, Facebook, Viber or Telegram.