Nevada Casinos To Reopen June 4

Nevada casinos are set to reopen on June 4, after nearly three months since COVID-19 forced shutdoors to gaming establishments.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has released specifics of step two of this week’s state’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery,’ set to begin on Friday, May 29.

Although gaming will not be included to reopen on Friday, Sisolak reported that based on the COVID-19 data’s ‘positive trends,’ he told the chair of the Gaming Control Board that he feels ‘confident on the target date of June 4.’

Phase two is expected to enable most businesses in the retail sector not included in the first phase to reopen, including gyms, bars not selling food, tattoo lounges, spas, swimming pools and movie theatres.

Sisolak was initially expected to hold a public press conference on Tuesday but it was postponed after his office announced that he had ‘visited a workplace where an employee – who was not in the building at the time – has since reported testing positive for COVID-19.’ Instead, he delivered his speech via an audio call.

Sisolak released the plans on his official Twitter account. “Nevadans have done an incredible job helping to flatten the curve and I want to again thank you for understanding the severity of this health care crisis and for taking the necessary precautionary measures, like making a face covering a part of everyday wear.

“Our collective actions have helped bring us to where we are today, ready to begin phase two of reopening,” he stated.

Throughout the paper Sisolak continues to clarify specifics of the reopening of step two, adding: “As we enter into phase two, community-based testing will be essential to our efforts to fully reopen and sustain the reopening.

“During phase two, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of continuing to wear face coverings in public and maintaining at least six feet of social distancing when you are out in public and around people from other households.

“In phase two, we can increase public and private gatherings from no more than 10 people to no more than 50 people, while continuing to follow social distancing. Nevada’s vulnerable populations should continue to shelter in place.

“Employees will continue to be required to wear a face covering. All businesses who are operating in phase two must also abide by measures set forth by OSHA and other regulatory authorities.”

The Gaming Control Board held meeting earlier Tuesday to fine-tune the health and 
safety standards that casinos would need to meet in order to gain approval to reopen. 
The regulators expect on Wednesday to give ‘final notice’ of the 
specifications, allowing operators at least full week to schedule for June 4. 

Among the recommendations made are taking each guest‘s temperature and re-testing 
15 minutes later if the reading is 100.4 ° or higher. 

Ten unnamed state-run non-gaming hotels have offered to host visitors who test positive for COVID-19 and allow 14 days of quarantine, with the state already supplying more than 2,100 beds to cope with any possible surge in cases.

To view the official Phase two reopening plans press call, click here.