Beshear Wants To Expand Gaming To Help Fund Kentucky’s Pension System

Democratic Andy Beshear has asked for extended gambling as neighbouring Indiana begins to allow sports betting-a venture that could siphon more cash out of the bluegrass state. The attorney general of the state, promotes the legalisation of casino gambling and the use of tax income to promote the chronically underfunded government pension schemes of the state.

He estimates that by enabling extended gambling, Kentucky could reap more than $500 million in annual income. That cash now flows to other countries where Kentuckians are playing at casinos, the recent state to allow sports betting, he says, including Indiana.

“Expanded gaming is a long-overdue and common sense way to make Kentucky more competitive and protect the hard-earned pensions of our teachers and first responders,”  Beshear said in a statement. “While Matt Bevin is making up excuses and false claims, Indiana and our neighbouring states continue to steal our revenue.”

His running mate, Jacqueline Coleman, said in a video published by Beshear’s campaign that on Thursday she crossed the Ohio River to place a sports bet in Indiana.

“While I was there, there were so many cars in the parking lot with Kentucky license plates,” she said. “What that means is Kentucky is missing out on this revenue opportunity.”

Coleman made a $5 bet on Lamar Jackson winning the most valuable player awards in the NFL. While playing quarterback at Louisville University, Jackson won the Heisman Trophy.

Bevin has criticised extended proposals for gambling, arguing that societal expenses make the proposals “a sucker’s bet.” Beshear’s plan calls for accountable expansion of gambling that involves dealing with gambling addiction.

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