AEW Teams Up With KamaGames For Mobile App Launch

The AEW Casino: Double or Nothing mobile app has been released by All Elite Wresting in partnership with KamaGames, a European social mobile poker operator.

This is part of a bigger AEW Games launch, which comes less than two years after the US professional wrestling promotion made its debut, which is charged with supplying customers with three new entertainment opportunities, including two smartphone games and one console game.

The software will contain ten different casino games, including slots, poker, 3D blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and other KamaGames classics.

In-game activities and discounts

AEW Casino: Double or Nothing will also feature a range of in-game activities and discounts, as well as S’n’G, MTT, boost, and weekly poker tournaments.

KamaGames also appears to be preparing multiple changes to this collection for the coming year, pledging a daily rollout of new features and mechanics.

Strategic partnership

The CEO of KamaGames, Andrey Kuznetsov, had this to say about the launch: “This app launch is the latest example of a strategic partnership which sees KamaGames link up and share our expertise with a global brand. 

“There is a recognised crossover between casino gamers and sports enthusiasts and we’re confident that, thanks to this launch, we’ve effectively targeted this market. 

“It was a pleasure to work with a team of AEW’s passion and drive and I’m confident that together we’ve created a product that will not only engage their current audience but assist in growing it further.” 

Players can see performances by the promotion’s celebrities in the app, and will be shown on many TV shows in over 100 countries, as well as Twitch, Youtube, and the new All Elite Poker TV series.

Kenny Omega, EVP of AEW added: “Working closely with KamaGames, it’s easy to see why they are the market leader in social casino with 150 million players.

“In launching AEW Games, our mission is to deliver a vastly superior gaming experience for wrestling fans, starting with two mobile games and a revolutionary console game. 

“We think that AEW Casino: Double or Nothing is poised to become the best wrestling-themed mobile casino offering in the world.”