Zeus Lightning Power Reels

Red Tiger Gaming has made a name itself in the casino industry by producing a remarkable series of slot games, but nothing beats the brilliance of the Zeus Lightning Power Reels. Even though this slot game is new on the market, the classic design, game background, and soundtrack will capture your mind and glue you to your chairs.

Zeus Lightning Power Reels takes you on a virtual trip to ancient Greek to experience the wonders of the god of thunder, powerful lightning, and eye-catching symbols. The game is made up of 7 reels, 6 rows with 30 pay or win lines. The primary goal in the game is to land one or more symbols on the pay lines to form a win. The simplicity, ease of play, and ecstatic design make many casino players love this game.

To ensure the slot game meets international standards, Red Tiger Gaming used the latest gaming technology and licensed the game with the British Gaming Commission, approved into the slot game category of many operators in the country and across the world. Zeus Lightning Power Reels boasts of free spins, wild animals, and Greek playing cards. The game is certainly historic.

If you’re looking for a religious or an ancient slot to play, Zeus Lightning Power Reels got you covered. The Zeus Lightning Power Reels review aims to analyze the entire game and see what it entails. By the end of this review, you will get to know what the slot is all about, how to play, interesting features, how to win, how to get free spins, volatility, RTP value, and where to play the game.

About Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slot Game

Zeus Lightning Power Reels is one game in Red Tiger Gaming’s Power Reels series. Before creating the Power Reels series, Red Tiger has experimented with the Multiline Slot, Power Lines, and the Super Lines, but none has been so successful as this. Zeus Lightning is the fifth game in the category.

It draws inspiration from ancient Greece. You might wonder what “Zeus” means. Well, Zeus is known in ancient Greece as the god of thunder and the sky. It is believed that Zeus is the head of all the gods of Mount Olympus, responsible for sending thunder, lightning, winds, rains, and even thunderbolts. Due to the powerful nature of Zeus, he was associated with Roman god Jupiter.

Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot captures the imagination of how this powerful god can reward slot players with amazing wins through his lightning, luck, and other features. The game comes along with playing cards, symbols, navigation buttons, and the win lines. It has dark myth and legend themes, surrounded by marble pillars, floating temples, and gold rims.

Combing the chilling game soundtrack, the legendary background, high-quality graphics, and ancient symbols makes this game stand tall among other religious/traditional games in the market. Having 6 reels and 6 rows, accompanied by 30 pay lines, makes it unique, offering fun and entertainment to players. It also has a jackpot section for players.

How to Play Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slots Online

Playing Zeus Lightning Power Reels is very simple. It is easy to understand and play. All you need to do to win is spin the reels and land at least three symbols on any of the 30 pay lines. This will lead to a minimum win amount of 12 times your line bet. The amount of wins you got is determined by the number of pay lines the symbols land.

Luckily also, you do not need a fortune to get started. Playing Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slots starts with a minimum coin of 0.2 GBP. The maximum amount of money you can bet per spin is 20 GBP. If you do not want to wager on a game, you can start with the game’s demo version. When you are conversant and developed game skills, you can play the real money game. 

How do you play?

  • Log into your casino or gaming account and then select Zeus Lightning Power Reels.
  • Deposit an amount of money into your gaming e-wallet account to start with.
  • Start the game and select the amount of money you want to wager.
  • Press the spin button and then let the reels spin.
  • When you get lucky and the symbols in the game land on the pay lines, you win.
  • To make the reels move faster or quickly, use the turbo options.
  • You can also select the spin to run on its own, and luck gets you more wins by settings your wagering amount to 10, 20, 30, and so on. Do this with the customizable, auto-play function of the game.  

Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot offers players countless ways to win. Having 7 reels and 30 pay lines means your odds of losing can below. When luck is on your side, you can win more games than lose and get more cash prizes.

You can play the slot on mobile, tablet device, and desktop. Both android and iPhone users can play the game. While the game app is available on all app stores, you can also play the game with your favourite online casino. It gets exciting when you play and understand the rules of the game.

Interactive Features

Like many slot games, certain features make it unique and interesting. The classic design, breathtaking background, and overlay make it one of the top-notch games on the market. The following are some key things to keep in mind about Zeus Lightning Power Reels:

Bonus Games: If you are looking for a free game on Zeus, you need to earn it through the Zeus Power Reels and the scatter symbols. When activated, 3 free bonus spins will land on the same spin to end up in the bonus round. This generates a free bonus spin for the player.

Scatter Symbols: The scatter symbol and the Zeus Power Reels are responsible for triggering the game’s free spin feature.

Game Symbols: The game symbols create wins in the Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot. The following are the key symbols: Zeus wild symbol, clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades,

Zeus Power Symbols: This is the primary symbol responsible for offering players free spins bonus. It converts into a 1x coin and can expand and replace the remaining symbols. It is the most electrifying symbol of the game. When it lands on the reels, it produces a lightning feature which causes any of the symbols to fill the reels.

Paying Symbols: The symbols are the playing card suit symbols in the game. The low-paying symbols include the clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. However, payouts differ based on the number of symbols landing on the pay lines and the type. The spade symbols can reward players up to 90 times their line bet when at least 7 of them land on a pay line.

Autoplay Option: You can use this button on the game to set the spin to move on its own. You need to select your wagering amounts and the time intervals to get it going. When using the autoplay feature, you need to set your limit loss.

Turbo Settings: Make the spins move faster with this function of the game.

4x Bet Jackpot: You can randomly activate the jackpot feature by landing 7 of the game symbols on the pay lines. It will produce a high payout for you which will be 4000x your bet.

What Symbol Triggers Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slot Bonus Free Spins?

If you are familiar with online slots, you know it is exciting to win games with free spins. Zeus Lightning Power Reels also offer bonus free spins. As said early on, three key features activate the bonus free spins: expanding lighting feature of the Zeus Power Reels and the Free Spins Feature or the scatter symbols.

When Zeus comes in its full figure and moves over the reels, it will create an Expanding Lightening Feature. A random symbol will be released, which emanates with lightning and expands on a certain number of reels. Then the play can fill the grid with the right matching reels. You will then be awarded for every combination of reels filled, regardless of their being next to each other.

Also, the scatter symbols landing on the grid will cause the free spins to move along. When a combination of at least three (3) free spins spin symbols splashes and lands on the reels, you will get 8 free spins and 5 times the prize you stake for a game. If you try the Gamble Wheel and win, you can get 20 more spins.

Paylines and Stakes

In Zeus Lightning Power Reels, there are 30 fixed pay lines. To maximize your wins in the game, you need to understand how the pay lines work. The optimum strategy is to set one active line aside and bet half or a maximum bet on that one. This will help to lower your costs and increase total wins during the bonus rounds. 

To enjoy the game, target the special features. Spins the reels until you hit the special features that trigger free spins and land high-paying symbols on the pay lines. Aside from setting aside one of the fixed pay lines, also take advantage of the centerline at the base of the game.

There 11 paying symbols in the game: low-paying symbols and high-paying symbols. The low-paying symbols include clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. Spades are the highest in this category. The high-paying or premium symbols include snakes, bears, hawks, rams, and gold. The highest paying symbol in this category the gold. It can pay 150 times a stake for 7 symbols across a pay line. Also, the Zeus can interchange itself with all symbols and is three (3) symbols higher than the rest.

Zeus Lightning Power Slot Game Software

Zeus Lightning Power epic Slots Game is by Red Tiger Gaming software slot developers.

 Over the years, Red Tiger has proven itself as a leading game software developer across the globe. Even though they started only in 2014, their commitment to excellence and super innovation is overwhelming. Apart from online slots, Tiger Tiger Gaming develops table games and jackpots for several casino operators.

What is Zeus Lightning Power Slots RTP?

RTP stands for return to player, and it measures how likely a player can score a win per spin for a game. Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slot RTP is 95.6%. This is average for most games, offering players a median return per game.

For example, when a player bets 1 GBP for a spin, he or she is likely to win 95.6 GBP if you have placed at least 100 bets. If you find a winning spot, you can auto-play and set your bets to win more games.

Slot Volatility

Zeus Lightning Power Reels Video Slot has high volatility. That means you can even win thousands of times for the bets you place. However, winning the jackpot feature may take a certain amount of time. You also have to play a while to find betting and playing strategy to win the jackpots. The maximum amount of win is 90,000 GBP.


Zeus Lightning Power Reels Video Slot machine is a popular game available on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Players can access the game on both android and iPhone operating systems through the Red Tiger Gaming platform and casino operators in the market. It has 7 reels and 30 pay lines with 11 paying symbols.

The game is historic because it takes the Ancient Greek icons and makes it an icon game. It has a classic design, an interactive interface, and pleasant features. With a minimum of 0.20 GBP, you can spin the reels and watch the luck of Zeus award you with free spins or cash prizes.

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