YouGov Discovers Marketshare Potential In Understanding Women’s Gambling Motives

By better understanding female gamblers’ consumer behaviours and motives, YouGov has identified an opportunity for UK online providers to increase market share.

YouGov has released the findings of its “What draws British women to online betting and what deters them?” survey, which finds that male and female real-money gamblers have different choices and reasons.

‘Fun thing to do’

A plurality of 36 percent of male and female gamblers choose to gamble because it is a “fun thing to do,” according to the public opinion researcher. Overall, 1 in 5 male/female gamblers (20 percent) said they may ‘fantasise about winning,’ with 15 percent saying they ‘play to win big.’

However, as YouGov digs more into female gamblers’ decisions and participation in gaming, pluralities are broken.

Only 7 percent of women surveyed said they bet online to “enhance the experience of what they’re betting on,” which is to be expected given that males bet more on sports.

‘Show skill’

Despite this, only 1 percent of women said they bet online to “show skill,” compared to 6 percent of males.

When asked about their reasons, 46 percent of women (48 percent of men) said they couldn’t think of one – feedback that suggested the correct marketing message may appeal to the demographic.

Meanwhile, 19 percent of female respondents who indicated that they had not gambled in the previous 12 months stated that the activity had just not occurred to them.

‘General gambling ideas and attitudes’

When comparing general gambling ideas and attitudes, the YouGov poll found significant disparities between men and women, with 45 percent of British women believing that internet gambling should not be allowed, compared to 39 percent of men.

Women were also less inclined to discuss gambling with friends and family, according to comments (20 percent men vs. 12 percent of women).

YouGov concluded that its online gambling research was placed against a “considerable online divide,” noting that a third of British men (33 percent) had gambled online in the previous 12-months, much exceeding the expected number of 24 percent for women.

“Coupling this result with data around barriers, well-crafted marketing initiatives could help increase the female consumer base to achieve gender parity in the online gambling space.” YouGov concluded.

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