Yokohama Mayor Warns Of Further Delays In IR Implementation Strategy

Yokohama Mayor, Fumiko Hayashi, warned of possible more delays in implementing the City’s IR implementation strategy, saying at a press conference on Wednesday, “It will be difficult to make our announcement in August as scheduled.”

The implementation strategy, which was already postponed due to COVID-19 once this year, would establish the requirements for an integrated Yokohama Resort.

This current delay, according to The Nikkei, is a result of the central government has yet to announce the long-awaited Basic Policy.

When asked if it would still be possible to send the city to the central government, due to take place between January and July 2021, Hayashi said, “We will assess once the Basic Policy has been published.”

The central government has postponed the publication of its Basic Policy, which sets out criteria for selecting an operator, from its originally scheduled January of this year and no confirmed release date has yet been established. However, there has been some suggestion that the date of application itself can be delayed.

Mayor Hayashi said: “We cannot publish an implementation policy before the central government’s Basic Policy … we will keep an eye on the situation.”

In April, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yokohama postponed its declaration of enforcing policy from June to August.