Yggdrasil Completes Migration Onto Google Cloud Platform

Yggdrasil has completed the migration of its development, storage, and manufacturing environments to the Google Cloud Platform in an attempt to significantly boost scalability, accelerate growth and cut costs.

By securing the Gibraltar regulator’s approval for the move, completing the year-long cloud project would allow the company to better control costs and scale up or down, as and when required, without any further hardware expenditure.

In addition, the move will also allow online gaming solutions provider to improve the scalability and productivity of their game and product software development, including new initiatives such as their GATI (game adoption tools and interface) solution and YG Brand, with time taken to set up new production environments reduced from weeks to hours.

Krzysztof Opalka, Yggdrasil’s CTO, commented: “We set ourselves a target last year to migrate our platform onto the cloud and we are very proud to have successfully completed this.

“This advanced set-up future-proofs the business in several core areas and ensures we can manage day-to-day activities and grow as a business more efficiently. We can scale accordingly as well as both reduce and control our costs more effectively, while also having better support for new business initiatives. For example, we can now set up an entire Yggdrasil node, for our own use or by a franchise partner, in any local market, in just a few hours.

“The cloud also gives us a great deal of freedom and will help us both develop great products in a quicker and more efficient way, and easily overcome any challenges going forward.”

The new GATI solution from Yggdrasil is the force behind its YG Masters Program, allowing global and local studios and game developer partners to have instant access to streamlined game engines, game development, and a fast route to new global markets.

Partners can quickly create their own content and adapt existing games via the technology, while also building game servers with the source code remaining safe and private. In any technology servers can be rendered and partners can also combine multiple games at once. GATI is also continually improved with new features including RTP monitoring, cloud delivery and analytics.