YGAM And Betknowmore Join Forces For Safer Gambling Training

Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) and Betknowmore have joined forces to introduce Safer Gambling Training.

The curriculum, unveiled at the SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital this week, will provide specialist online training for employees of the gambling industry to improve play safety standards and better protect customers from gambling-related harms.

YGAM chief executive Lee Willows said: “Our journey with Betknowmore UK has been humbling. Together we have been fortunate to work with a number of operators to deliver face-to-face training over the last twelve months and so having a strategic alliance to continue this and combine with digital learning seems a good natural progression.

“Player protection and understanding customer vulnerability is an area we know operators want to upskill their staff in.

“Safer Gambling Training will support the customer facing teams by increasing their understanding gambling-related harm through the lens of lived-experience. We are working with international partners to scope an International Standard that colleagues within the sector can take with them throughout their career, and which includes regular mandatory updates and refresher courses.”

To develop robust, global training programmes, the collaboration will draw on expert expertise, professional perspective and analysis.

Users will address main topics across six separate modules, including risk to clients, safeguarding, consumer engagement, detecting harm and mental health and wellness for employees.

Frankie Graham, Betknowmore chief executive, added: “Companies operating in the gambling space require trained employees providing consistent, high level and trusted customer service. Our aim with this new training programme is to help raise standards and create a benchmark of knowledge and understanding of gambling-related harm.

“We have developed content with collaboration from those with lived experience of gambling, combined with the insight and knowledge from our partner organisations who are experts within their sector.

“We will continue to develop our programme, ensuring it remains fit for the changing, dynamic gambling market, with the ultimate purpose of keeping players safe and free from harm.”

The training material is consistent with the current LCCP standards of the Gambling Commissions and obtained funds from regulatory agreements to facilitate the implementation of the Harms-related National Plan to Minimize Gambling.

Furthermore, the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), headquartered in Canada, will also participate as independent assessment partners in the partnership.

The Me&You design agency creates a new Safer Gambling website and content on eLearning. All Safer Gambling Preparation proceeds will go back into the two organisations to support their social goals.