YGAM Adds Training Initiative With StreetGames And Yorkshire Sport

A new training partnership with national sports charity StreetGames and Yorkshire Sport Foundation has been initiated by the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust with the goal of reducing gaming and gambling-related harm to young people.

YGAM seeks to raise awareness and inform future generations about the possible risks and consequences by providing bespoke training sessions.

Gillian Brown, Yorkshire Sport Foundation safeguarding lead, commented: “The safety and welfare of young people is of the utmost importance to Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and we are committed to working with local sports clubs and organisations to raise awareness of issues that can affect young people.

“We hope through our involvement, we can spread the messages and help to reduce the harm caused to young people through gaming and gambling.”

In addition, the training curriculum will also ensure that both StreetGames and YSF ‘s broader networks will take advantage of the same information and tools about gaming and gambling-related harms.

StreetGames’s Halima Khan explained: “We are looking forward to supporting YGAM and working with YSF in the Yorkshire region, on an issue which too often has a real and detrimental impact on communities.

“Ensuring the safeguarding of young people is a key area of work for StreetGames and using sport as a driver for these conversations can be a great way to engage openly and honestly with trusted community organisations.

“We hope this training will help raise awareness of the potential issues caused by gaming and gambling, as well as offering ways to prevent the harm this can cause.”

In order to help recognise some of the warning signs of harm and consider what age-appropriate assistance is available, YGAM supports community-based organisations working with young and disabled people.

Sam Starsmore, the national education manager of YGAMs, has concentrated on providing certified training and assistance to sports organisations around the country for the charity.

“Working with sports clubs and groups is a natural progression for YGAM and something we have been making progress on for some time,” he said.

“There is a clear alignment in our values and mission, to safeguard children and ensure each young person gets a healthy start in life. Since we first began working with StreetGames and YSF, we have seen just how passionate both organisations are about the work they are doing.

“To have them supporting YGAM’s objectives and taking the steps to utilise our training and resources is great news for the young people and their families who make use of their services.”