Xtremepush And Movable Ink Form New Collaboration

Xtremepush and Movable Ink have announced a new collaboration that will allow shared clients to turn data into real-time, personalised content across all consumer touchpoints.

Campaigns designed with Movable Ink’s data-activated content and sent via the Xtremepush platform can now “render in real-time through email and mobile communications at the moment of engagement.”

Tommy Kearns CEO and co-founder of Xtremepush said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Movable Ink, one of the world’s most exciting and respected technology providers.

Prioritised campaign personalisation

“Our own platform has prioritised campaign personalisation from day one, and I am thrilled to be able to offer clients enhanced capabilities through this integration. 

“We recognise that the most impactful examples of customer engagement are built around first-party data and rich segmentation. This partnership allows our clients to go even further with this, leading to positive, win-win customer experiences.”

‘Enhanced content personalisation’

Xtremepush claims that as a result of the collaboration, it will be able to provide ‘enhanced content personalisation’ through its email, push notification, and in-app message campaigns.

This can be accomplished by creating personalised content based on real-time and behavioural data. This information covers real-time pricing, product feedback, abandoned cart CTAs, and visual representations of loyalty points.

Movable Ink’s Senior Director of Client Experience, Neil Basi, added: “While brands have invested heavily in data to drive more personalised experiences, many marketers still struggle to create one-to-one cross-channel interactions at scale. Their data might be real-time, but their content ends up being static. 

“It’s more critical than ever before that marketers prioritise seamless and hyper-relevant experiences across channels to reach their customers wherever they choose to engage. We’re excited to partner with Xtremepush to drive better customer experiences and stronger marketing performance across every customer touchpoint.”

Elevate the overall customer experience

This new relationship, according to Ric Leask, Marketing Director of LiveScore and Virgin Bet, both Xtremepush clients, would help elevate the overall customer experience.

He said: “Our team uses the Xtremepush and Movable Ink integration across email and push notification channels to deliver real-time, contextually relevant content to our audiences. 

“The joint solution allows us to build personalised campaigns, combining data from both systems, as well as external sources with customer consent, to create outstanding customer experiences. This is an important integration for us, and enables us to execute our ambitious communications strategy at scale.”