XLMedia To Address Google Algorithm Concerns

Affiliate Marketing Specialist XLMedia has revealed that it will address the concerns regarding Google’s changes to its search algorithm by increasing the speed at which it implements a range of its strategic initiatives.

XLMedia issued a warning last month about recent updates to Google algorithms, claiming that the modifications could hinder the revenue of the group.

In a statement on its website, XLMedia confirmed that it is’ continuing to work with Google’ to outline the reasons why the changes have led to the demotion of certain websites, with the affiliate publisher planning to’ restore the rankings of these online assets as quickly as possible.’

Group CEO Stuart Simms commented: “There is no question that we currently face operational headwinds, but fundamentally, I firmly believe in the underlying quality and sustainability of our business.

“However, I believe it is now time to accelerate a number of strategic measures that will create a short-term drag on revenue growth, but will ultimately strengthen our business by creating a much stronger and more transparent platform from which to grow.

“By proactively consolidating – and where necessary culling – our considerable tail of legacy websites and focusing a greater proportion of our efforts on monetising both tier 1 and tier 2 websites in addition to incubating new sites, we will significantly improve the medium-term prospects of the Group.

“I feel it’s important to reiterate that we continue to operate a global portfolio of content rich websites that deliver significant value for our users. This expertise remains a core competence for our business which I fully intend to capitalise on as management seeks to both enhance and expand our business over the coming years.”

As a result of the changes, 107 of XLMedia’s websites have been impacted, of which 84 are tier 3 or tier 4 sites.

XLMedia suggested that it is ‘therefore taking steps to remove or de-index such sites, which are seen as most likely to have been regarded by Google as having insufficient content, with the expectation that it will assist in the re-ranking of the premium sites.’

The company added that ‘until these actions are completed and some of the premium sites are successfully resubmitted, it will not be possible to be certain that the issue will have been resolved.’