XB Net Strengthens Greyhound Coverage And Betting

XB Net, a North American racing content provider, has strengthened greyhound coverage and related betting services for its growing global sportsbook partners group.

The company’s greyhound network now fills the gaps in a largely fragmented sportsbook schedule by combining a full repertoire of content rights, data, odds and signals from seven greyhound tracks that deliver around 48,000 races annually, helping drive incremental revenues for its partners.

Greyhound racing is one of the fastest forms of live-wagering, with pulsating trap-to-line action from some of North America’s most prestigious dog tracks, the company says. These include venues such as the Florida kennel clubs Derby Lane and Palm Beach and Orange Park.

However, with the Sunshine State expected to close its doors to the sport by the end of the year, XB Net has already signed a solid 2021 nationwide schedule from 2021, thanks to a variety of new tracks signing up to sit alongside longtime fan-favorites on Mardi Gras, Southland and Wheeling Island.

During the current pandemic, North American racing has proven to be one of very few sports that has managed to maintain a reliable, top-class timetable with quick-settling content that can be seamlessly pressed into service for any scheduling slot, regardless of region.

Working with several of the world’s leading fixed odds and mixed wagering companies (such as Flutter Entertainment, Bet365, Betfred, Codere, OPAP, Playtech, William Hill and GVC) XB Net already enjoys productive relationships in Europe , Asia, Central America and Australia and aims to grow its presence in both developed and emerging markets.

Senior Vice President Simon Fraser has said: “We operate the most comprehensive and responsive service around for North American greyhound racing – from low-latency pictures to fair-margin pricing and rock-solid betting data. Competitive, high-frequency greyhound content is accelerating the player betting cycle during the sporting slowdown – no matter the time of day, and wherever you set your scene on the map.

“These exciting events are increasing player-engagement and turnover for a host of our international partners. Even as sports return from the sidelines, these quick-fire events will remain the perfect filler solution for sustainable, flexible content. Especially when allied to our watch-and-wager model and intuitive marketing portal which helps educate new customers at every stage of the ‘playing cycle’, fostering improved acquisition and reliable retention along the way.”