XB Net Forge US Horse Racing Alliance With UK’s JenningsBet

According to XB Net, a leading provider of premium content for US horse and greyhound racing, the pandemic-driven global interest in North American horse racing has yet to decrease, leading the company to forge a new relationship with the independent UK operator, JenningsBet.

Over a network of over 50 North American tracks, the operator has acquired the rights for XB Net ‘s collection of live videos, data and betting services. The step would allow it to flexibly populate its daily timetable to drive interaction and diversify revenue sources with stable, fast-settling betting markets.

For 60 years, with about 100 shops across Britain, JenningsBet has been at the centre of high street and private-client bookmaking. The independent sportsbook is now operated by FSB Technology’s proprietary platform, which integrates groundbreaking features and tools for web , mobile and retail platforms with real-time algorithmic pricing models.

On behalf of its growing worldwide portfolio of partners, XB Net is an established pacesetter for live North American racing content, handling foreign rights, info, odds and live broadcast and video streaming. North American racing is attracting new viewers by using low-latency streams from more than 2,500 events, featuring over 25,000 races each year, as multinational operators fill the holes on a live sport stop-start schedule.

Julian Knight, JenningsBet’s Managing Director, said: “We’re thrilled to have acquired these key distribution rights from XB Net, whose one-stop shop for US betting services has opened our customers’ eyes to the excitement and availability of stateside racing, generating incremental revenues during a challenging economic period.

“Considering our UK focus, North American racing’s schedule fits seamlessly into the recreational time of many of our clients, Consequently, it’s been no surprise to see a significant uptick in activity and engagement.”

Simon Fraser, XB Net’s senior international vice president, added: “As one of the most revered names in UK betting, it’s a real fillip to be joining forces with JenningsBet for our comprehensive package of pictures, data and content rights. North American racing has been one of very few top-class sports which has been able to sustain a quality timetable for rapid-cycling betting content that can be used to fill the void across any slot or time zone.

“The audience that was drawn to North American racing during the lockdowns has largely been retained which is great to see, thanks to increased streaming capacity and improved visibility via Sky Sports’ mainstream nightly coverage.”

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