Wyoming Becomes 2nd US State To Legalise Sports Betting In 2021

Governor Mark Gordon signed House Bill 0133 into law this week, making Wyoming the second US state to legalise legal sports betting in 2021.

Six state representatives and two senators presented the bill in February, giving the state’s Gaming Commission regulatory authority and paving the way for at least five mobile sports wagering licences.

Sports wagering license

Companies that work in at least three states will be eligible for licences, which will cost $100,000 for a five-year permit and $50,000 to extend after that. Vendors would be required to pay $10,000 for a five-year licence that can be extended for another $5,000. Sports wagering earnings would be subject to a ten percent levy.

Progress on the proposed rules must now begin, with the Gaming Commission aiming to get a plan in place by September 1 this year.

When Bill 0133 was defeated in the House last month, the possibility of establishing a regulated sports betting industry in Wyoming seemed to be dead in the water. Despite this, it was approved by 32 votes to four votes a day later, after some reconsideration, with no opposition in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Bill O133’s full text can be found here.