WunderMachine Hails Stakelogic Deal As ‘Big Step’

Published: 19th August 2021
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 9th August 2022

After teaming with games development firm WunderMachine, Stakelogic has given even more complexity to its Greenlogic partner. WunderMachine hails the move as “a big step for us.”

By joining Greenlogic, the company will collaborate with Stakelogic to create the best slots games, which will then be distributed to the developer’s over 500 operators and game aggregator partners.

Stakelogic will handle the more technical parts of development and distribution, while WunderMachine will come up with the game concepts, requirements, gameplay, and assets.

This comprises game logic, certification, testing, distribution, and integration, among other things. The games will be released under the Stakelogic label, although WunderMachine will be acknowledged as a co-creator.

Incredibly talented team

Salvatore Campione, head Of Greenlogic at Stakelogic said: “I am delighted to welcome WunderMachine to the Greenlogic platform and for Stakelogic to be working hand in hand with its incredibly talented team to develop a series of unique games that will launch to our operator partners.

“We created Greenlogic to allow smaller studios to focus on what they do best, and that is to create the next generation of online casino content. We then take care of the more technical aspects of game development and then distribute these brilliant titles to our partners.

“It has proved to be a hugely successful concept and in WunderMachine we have a partner that is capable of great things.”

WunderMachine is a German company that has been making social casino, skill, and real-money games for over 30 years.

Extremely complex and feature rich games

WunderMachine’s CEO, Bjorn Kaufmann, said: “With Stakelogic we have finally found a partner that is capable of launching our extremely complex and feature rich games across all major platforms and in key markets around the world.

“This is a big step for us as our products will now get the exposure they have been lacking amongst some of the most established and reputable online casino brands in the world.”

Greenlogic was founded by Stakelogic to give smaller companies a place to display their talents and games while also allowing them to be integrated with a number of operators throughout the world.

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