WPT Germany Main Event Sees Christopher Puetz Win For

Following a so far successful WPT Germany festival, the World Poker Tour Main Event that crowned the series’ final few days, saw Germany’s Christopher Puetz win the top prize at €270,000 as it outlasted 509 opponents in Rozvadov.

The last day of the WPT Germany Main Event saw Gianluca Speranza reach the days of chip lead action, holding 88 major blinds to hit his opponents with. However, one man he might have looked to avoid was the 2019 WSOP Main Event champion Hossein Ensan, who at the start of the day’s play had 78 big blinds himself.

It would be Christopher Puetz who would eventually win the day, the 23-year-old qualifying for the WPT Champions Tournament by winning a Champions Club signature moment, but others didn’t have nearly the same success anywhere.

Germany’s Rifat Gegic bustled in 9th place before his fellow countryman Renato Nowak followed him outside the door. It was the Main Event man himself, Hossein Ensan, who would bubble the final table, busting for € 40,000 in 7th place–a small change compared to the $10 million he won last summer in Las Vegas for taking down the world’s biggest poker tournament.

The first person to leave the official six-handed final table was Dutch player Farukh Tach when his short-stack shove with an off-suit jack-ten saw Laszlo Papai call it off with ace-king and hold it across a dry board. Italian player Gianluca Speranza left in 5th place, the runner-up of the WSOPE Main Event losing his stack with pocket fives against Papai’s seven, with both players hitting a set on flop.

Josef Gulas was eliminated in fourth place, as the Czech player won € 91,000 but no more when his push with ace-seven had a caller in Joep van den Bijgaart, whose pocket nines rode home to give him more than half the chips in play with three men remaining.

Nonetheless, the stacks would shift as it was van den Bijgaart who left in 3rd place, finally dealing the fatal blow after the final table’s 99th hand saw him lose a flip with pocket sixes against the ace-queen of Papai, an as on the flop doing the damage.

Heads-up, it was Laszlo Papai who took a marginal lead, with a shade below 11 million chips against the 9.6 million Christopher Puetz. But when, a few hands later, ace-ten shoved from Papai’s four-bet and Puetz made the call to hold with ace-jack, Papai had only 125,000 to his name. That got into the middle with the respectable pocket fours, but there were two overs in the queen-nine of Puetz.

The flop was a four-nine-queen–honestly great, but another queen on the turn meant Papai would need the case four in the deck to win, and it didn’t come. Puetx was the winner, and the student turned master would play with the $15,000 entry part of his reward at King’s Casino in the season-ending Champions Tournament.

WPT Germany Main Event final table results:

Place Player Country Payout
1st Christopher Puetz Germany € 270,000
2nd Laszlo Papai Hungary € 174,500
3rd Joep van den Bijgaart Netherlands € 125,000
4th Josef Gulas Czech Republic € 91,000
5th Gianluca Speranza Italy € 68,000
6th Farukh Tach Netherlands € 52,000
7th Hossein Ensan Germany € 40,000
8th Renato Nowak Germany € 31,000
9th Rifat Gegic Germany € 24,000