WPT Education Platform Launch WPT GTO Trainer

The World Poker Tour (WPT) offers an interactive forum for poker players with LearnWPT, providing a lot of opportunities to get to know the game. The WPT has now introduced Game Theory Optimal Strategy to its educational tools by introducing WPT GTO Trainer, a fast way to learn. Players can use this tool to learn more about hands from GTO and improve gameplay.

Players will be shown Game Theory Optimal (GTO) play in real time with the new GTO Trainer. They will play and be shown mistakes from solved hands. The loss from the EV can then be compared in real time with the Game Theory. Optimal. The player becomes more suited to play poker with GTO, using this tool.

The WPT has already solved, and continues to do, more than one billion individual spots. The GTO Trainer takes away any technology or experience required in the game. Users will take the device with them and learn how to avoid expensive configuration errors. In the past, it was time consuming for players to use solvers. Hundreds of solved hands can be played at fast speed every hour with results seen in real time with GTO Trainer, which only helps gameplay in the fastest possible way.

According to LearnWPT Lead Instructor Nick Binger, by simply playing the game, players can use the WPT GTO Trainer to learn the strategy of game theory and then adjust to the feedback. Players can also prepare for fast fixing the issue in specific spots.

The Trainer offers online poker training options for members of the LearnWPT website. Secondly, the tool can be used for free, so players can see how it can be useful before they invest. Players can choose between tournament or cash game scenarios, with instant gameplay feedback based on played percentage, ideal behaviour and EV.

Players also have the option to train in specific gameplay scenarios like Button Defense, 3-Bet Defense, Dynamic Position Training and more.