Work Underway To Fight Illegal Gambling In Dominican Republic

The head of the Dominican Republic’s gambling regulator, Aníbal García Díaz, has announced that work is ongoing on a project that would impose serious penalties against illicit gambling operators.

The Dominican Government reports that because of illicit gambling, it loses about $15 m. Furthermore, the regulator emphasised that licenced businesses are also harmed: “We have an action plan aimed at eliminating all illegal gambling practises in the Dominican Republic,” the director said.

García Díaz to Diario Libre said: “Illegal gambling harms businesses with acquired rights, which must be guaranteed by the State, and harms the Ministry of Treasury as they evade millions, which it would receive if they had a legal license.”

Local regulations currently provide that if the regulator discovers an unauthorised operator, it shuts down its operations, seizes its equipment and revenue, and then requests the Justice to interfere, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

In addition, the Director of the Local Regulator announced that any gambling company currently operating without the Ministry of Finance ‘s authorization must undergo a regulatory process.

The initiative comes after more than 2,300 slots and equipment recovered in operations against illicit gambling were destroyed by the authorities. While slots were the majority of the machines, they also noticed a lot of equipment used for online gambling.