WLA Recognise Camelot As Responsible Gaming Supplier

The World Lottery Association (WLA) has recognised the contribution of Camelot Lottery Solutions to safer gaming since being approved as a certified Responsible Gaming Supplier by the UK National Lottery operator’s B2B arm.

Camelot Lottery Solutions has joined a number of vendors in achieving compliance with the WLA Responsible Gaming guidelines, known for prioritising player safety.

Camelot Lottery Solutions CEO Wayne Pickup has said: “Player safety is the starting point for any product or solution we design, build, and deploy, and we’re proud that our products and services operate in some of the strictest regulatory environments in the global lottery ecosystem.

“We believe that lotteries grow best, and communities benefit most, when players are responsibly engaged. I’m delighted that Camelot Lottery Solutions has been recognised as a certified Responsible Gaming Supplier by the WLA.”

The WLA Responsible Gaming Standard is composed of eight areas including employee plan, product and service creation, analysis, advertisement and marketing relations, remote gaming climate, customer awareness, stakeholder engagement, and reporting.

Camelot’s evaluation was performed by Corporate Citizenship, a WLA-approved evaluator who offered an unbiased review of the company’s activities and completed a Statement of Alignment that represents compliance with WLA Responsible Gaming Standards for Associate Members.

Accreditation by Camelot would be valid until June 2023, after which the supplier said it will be seeking recertification to the WLA standard.