Wings of Ra Slot

If you want to visit ancient Egypt and enjoy the beauty of their culture, you can start with the Wings of Ra Slot Game. It is a traditional slot game. It has a classic Egyptian themed slots design, like Mayan Gods, pleasant features, and symbols that most players love.

Over the years, Red Tiger Gaming has caught the attention of the casino world by introducing amazing games into the market, played across the UK and many parts of the world. However, nothing has beaten the excellence of the Wings of Ra Slot Game. 

Unlike other slots where players need a lot more bankroll to spin for real money, you only need a minimum of 0.10 GBP to get started. Both beginners and experienced players can start this game with as little as possible. Aside from that, the game comes with free bonus spins that players can unlock with the Mystery symbol.

In the Wings of Ra Slots Review, we will look at a comprehensive view of the game. We will look at the theme, how to play the game, access the free bonus spins, and how players can win more. We will also look at the RTP value of the game and other captivating features which will attract a typical player. Let’s start by learning about the Wings of Ra Slot.

About Wings of Ra Slot

Wings of Ra Slot is a trending game in the casino world, inspired by Ancient Egyptian gods. It captures the imagery of Pharaoh and the gods, creating a pictorial view of the dark ages of Egyptian glory. With this concept in mind, the team at Red Tiger Gaming developed a traditional slot game that displays mysterious symbols with 5 reels and 4 rows of action. The concept of the slot game is fascinating.

The Wings of Ra is a 5×4 slot with 10 play or win lines. Mystery coins are also available when players search and find Mystery Coins. The ultimate goal is to win big by exchanging the low-paying symbols with a higher one. Players can stake up 3,000x. The Wings of Ra offer amazing and exciting treasures to players.

The game has an eye-catching and classic theme, a magnificent gold entrance that paves the way into a purple background. It has a temple-like layout that depicts the ancient. If you are wondering what does “Ra” means, no need to worry. Ra is the ancient Egyptian God of the Sun, categorized by an overwhelming dazzling wing.

The Egyptians believed Ra rules in all parts of the world: the earth, sky, and the undersea world. According to the belief of the Egyptians, Ra is the creator god whose lights shed on all humankind, rising each morning and setting each night. It is thus the most important god of their time. Wings of Ra Slot captures this ancient mythology coupled with the Egyptian King, Pharaoh, to create a remarkable game for casino lovers.

The game is user-friendly, playable online, compatible on mobile devices, and has an attractive interface. It comes with easy to access control, spin, autoplay, and turbo buttons. Players can easily control the panel and manoeuvre the game with the settings button, which lies at the sides. Combining the ancient world with casino makes Wings of Ra outstanding and stunning.

How to Play Wings of Ra Slots Online 

Unlike other slot games where you struggle to understand and learn how to play, Wings of Ra is very simple and comprehensive. You will not get frustrated and fret about how to play the game.

Here are key tips to note on playing the game:

  • First, you need to note that the game comprises mystery symbols, 5 reels, 4 rows, and 10 fixed pay lines.
  • The primary aim of the game is for players to match three or more symbols on the fixed pay lines.
  • A player has to click on the spin button for symbols to get in motion to get started.
  • When a combination of symbols lands adjacent on the fixed play lines, a light sparkles which evolves in a win.
  • The number of wins got by the player is because of the pay lines that the symbols land on. Each pay line comes with a unique pay amount.

If you want to play, you can take advantage of the demo version. You can learn how to play and enhance your skills before switching to the real money game. When you are lucky enough, you can also get access to the no deposit bonus, which will allow you to start the real money games for free.

You can play the game online using mobile (iPhone or Android device), tablet, or desktop. Mobile players can use their browser or access the game via the app store. Both versions have an excellent platform to make players enjoy the game.

Interactive Features

Like other decent slots, the Wings of Ra classic Slot game has its own interactive and unique features. Understanding some of these core features will help you master the game and increase your chances of winning.

Wings of Ra Symbols: These are the playing symbols that evolve in a win when they lie on the pay lines. The key random symbols are the card symbols A, K, J, Q, Pharoah, Tutankhamen, and Eye symbol. The Pharoah is the highest paying valuable symbol with a combination of 3 or more giving, rewarding players with 3, 10, or even 30 times their stake. 

Mystery Coins feature: They are special icons or coins on the reels which turn randomly to any of the symbols on a spin. For instance, the mystery Coin symbol can land and randomly turn into a high-paying symbol to offer a bigger win to a player.

Free Spins Symbol: It is the symbol with the function of generating free spins to players. When three (3) of the free bonus spins symbol combinations lands anywhere on the reels, it will trigger 12 free spins. The more free spins you scatter, the higher your free spins bonus you have the probability of earning. For instance, 5 free bonus feature spins scattered can cause 18 free spins.

Progressive Bar: This is where all Mystery Coins land when the free spins symbols are turned fills. When the progressive bar is filled with the Mystery Coins, one will turn into a low-paying symbol to reward a player with a win. You need 14 Mystery Coins to fill the progress bar. More Mystery Coins filling the progressive bar can cause high-value symbols for players.

Progressive Jackpots: Wings of Ra has a jackpot special feature that comes into two classes: the Daily Jackpot and the Super Jackpot. The Help section of the game provides detailed instruction to players who want to hover and try the jackpots.

Autoplay Symbols:  Players can easily find the turbo and the autoplay symbols along with the games, both spaced out at the edges of the game.

What Symbol Triggers Wings of Ra Slot Bonus Free Spins?

In most video slot games, the delight of many players is to win bonuses and free spins. Wings of Ra offers players the opportunity to win free spins. They made this available through the Free Spins Scatter symbol. Players will activate the free spins feature when at least three of their free spin symbols land on the game’s reels. When you land more free spins on the reels, you get the chance to get more free bonus spins. 4 free symbols on the reels can earn you 14 free spins to play.

With the free spins, you can play the real money games for free. Besides, you need to bet within the minimum and maximum bet limit to play the real money games of Wings of Ra. Here is key information to know about the pay lines and bets.

Pay lines & Stakes

The mystery symbols on the video slot lead to paying games. The highest paying symbol is the Pharoah, with up to 3000 coins or 300x the take of a player. Players can win 100 GBP and more in the game’s course.

Minimum and Maximum Bets: A player can get started with real money games with bets ranging from 0.10 GBP to 20 GBP per spin. To bet, players will need to deposit funds into their online slot machine account through the payment mediums of their online casino provider.

Other Paying Rewards: Aside from the mystery symbols landing and leading to winning, players can also win through the progress bar Mystery Coins and the jackpots.

Wings of Ra Slot Game Software

Red Tiger Gaming power wings or Ra, and also produces Vault of Anubis. They are a leading game software development company with various video slots, table games, and more under their portfolio. They found their operations in 2014 and have since grown into a household name in the casino and online gaming industry, expanding rapidly across Asia, Europe, and the US.

They have made a mark through breathtaking games, bonus spins, compelling features, and more. Their technical team has a wealth of experience and also uploads standards of excellence and responsible gaming.

What are Wings of Ra Slots RTP?

The RTP for Wings of RA casino Slots is 95.69%. RTP stands for Return to Player and estimates the possibility at which players can win a game. While Wings of Ra may not result in gargantuan wins for huge bet winners, this game offers a sound RTP in the industry.

Even a novice player can get lucky to win a couple of games and get encouraged to play more. As you play more and gain experience, you will be more likely to win more games and increase your average win rate per spin.

Before you get started with any cash-rich slot game, you need to pay close attention to the RTP. It helps your average return per bet. For instance, with Wings of Ra, a bet of 1 GBP per spin can yield a return of 95.6 GBP to a player over 100 spins.

Slot Volatility

Wings of Ra is a high-volatility slot, so players have a greater chance of winning their spins. However, the jackpot section is likely to be smaller. With an RTP of 95.6%, high volatile slot, and minimal amount to bet, Wings of Ra does not fall behind on most successful slot games in the market.


Wings of Ra Slots is a popular game, playable on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Red Tiger Gaming developed the simple slot casino game with the latest HTML 5 technology, using ancient Egyptian symbols and concepts. The entire game helps to get a glimpse of the ancient world to how the Sun God of Ra rewards its people with luck each day when it starts from the East and settles in the West.

The game has impressive autoplay and a fast play option, with other interesting and remarkable features. There are free spins, demo plays, and deposit bonuses available for players. It also offers a progressive jackpot: the Daily Jackpot with a starting value of 1000 GBP and the Super Jackpot with a starting value of 200 GBP. When players win, they get funds transferred into their wallets. The game is fun, interesting, and entertaining.

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