Wind Creek CEO Outlines Preliminary Reopening Plans 

Jay Dorris, President and CEO of Wind Creek Hospitality, released a statement on the continuing closure of the company’s properties, and how the reopening plan is likely to take shape in the potential aftermath of the health crisis.

Although Dorris was unable to confirm a date, he said his team is working on various options, and the focus is on plans. “Just like professional sports, restaurants, office buildings and amusement parks, you’ll see changes at Wind Creek when we reopen,” he advised.

“Like other businesses, we will be limiting the number of guests, stepping up the frequency and intensity of sanitisation, and increasing the use of PPE by our team members. We’ve been working diligently for the past few weeks to develop these plans, and we continue to fine tune them based on new data from authorities.”

Dorris has also advised consumers to be cautious and versatile. “While I wish we could safely swing our doors open and invite everyone in all at once, our reopening will be conducted in phases,” he noted.

“We will begin with a soft reopening, where we will invite small groups of guests to visit our properties to test out some of our new policies and procedures and ensure that they’ll work on a larger scale.

“Once we believe we can accommodate more guests, we will reopen to the general public.  We will still be operating at reduced capacity and we don’t want the excitement of visiting our property spoiled due to waiting in line to get in. So we will offer a new reservation system for casino visits.

“This system will allow guests to reserve a day and time in advance and will allow us to always keep the number of guests and team members on property and on the casino floor at a safe number.”

There will continue to be some restrictions on facilities like Dorris added restaurants, retail stores, spa, and entertainment.

“When we reopen, our goal is to have a plan that will provide a smart and measured approach,” he explained. “It probably won’t be perfect, and it will evolve once put into practice.

“But just as we erred on the side of caution for the health of our guests and team members when we chose to close before government shutdowns went in place, we will use our own best judgment on when to reopen in order to protect the well-being of our team members, guests and surrounding communities.”