Winbet Adds Spotlight Sports Betting Editorial

Spotlight Sports Group’s “special” sports betting editorial will be unveiled across the Winbet platform thanks to a content agreement with Sportal365.

The editorial will be delivered directly into Sportal365’s content publishing network, which is now completely incorporated into the Winbet web, which will consist of “15 pieces a day from native speakers with knowledge of the key sporting events.”

Scaled-up local expert solution

Winbet recently launched in Italy, a foray into a new market that inspired the operator to enlist the help of Spotlight Sports Group to include a scaled-up local expert solution.

Using the group’s network of over 250 localised journalists who are knowledgeable in all major sports would make breaking into the new territories simpler.

Spotlight Sports Group Account Director Daniel Smith said: “We’re delighted to see the agreement with Sportal365 has led to Winbet being able to utilise our services. 

“We have a huge network of localised journalists who produce brilliant content in over 70 languages and our betting editorial really does take customers above and beyond what a regular sportsbook offers. We’re excited to be working with Winbet and we believe our editorial content can create a distinctive sports betting experience for their customers.’

Winbet’s Head of Operations, Cvetomir Krumov, added: “Spotlight Sports Group has shown their capability to drive engagement through their expert editorial. 

“Their difference and the reason we decided to work with them was the unique betting angle in all of their editorial. On top of this the fact that the content can be localised to our audience is a huge advantage and we’re excited to off an enhanced experience to our customers.’’