Win Escalator Slot

If you a big fan of online slot machines, you will love this one. The theme and the layout of this slot game will match your innermost values and desires. It has a classic theme with a sweet soundtrack and electrifying background that will glue your eyes to the screen.

Win Escalator Slot is an epic slot. It comprises four (4) reels and three (3) pay lines. The game is simple, understandable, and fun-filled. Aside from the core features, the classic slot machine has nine (9) fruity symbols responsible for rewarding players with wins. While you might not have a huge mega jackpot win through this game, you will get more bonuses, enjoy the fascinating features and even have more wins.

As an online video game, you can play Win Escalator Slot in any place in the world. All you need is your phone, tablet, or desktop and an internet connection. There is also a free spin bonuses feature that will generously reward you with much more bonuses that you can play with. The slot game has been developed with the gamers in mind, designed to offer an exceptional gaming experience.

In this Win Escalator Slot Review, we will look at some of the interesting features of this game. How do you play, and how can you win more games? We also want to look at the bonus features, what triggers them, and you can get more bonus-free games. How much do you need to get started with playing? What is the maximum and the minimum amount of money you can win? Let’s start by learning about the game.

About Win Escalator Slot Review

Win Escalator Slot was released into the gaming world in July 2019. Even though relatively new, this game has been trending and has become popular in the gaming world because of its classic and retro or arcade theme and many exciting gamble features.

As its name implies is a game designed to “escalate” players’ win to higher levels. It is a game that promises greater rewards with a less bet amount. The simplistic nature of this slot is overwhelming. It comes with a fruity theme, with symbols that spread the cross three (3) rows on the four wheels of the game.

Perhaps one of the exciting features of the game is the distraction-free grid. Its payout symbols run from the left side to the right, having a fruit background, ultra-modern soundtrack, and high-quality graphics. You can increase your chances of winning by simply clicking on the Gamble option, which lets you earn two times through the Gamble Wheel.

With Win Escalator Slot, you can even win up to 859 times your stake or bet. It makes this game unique. You can get a win on the pay lines easily. Not only do you get wins, but the wild feature in the game unlocks free bonus spins for players.

How to Play Win Escalator Slots Online

The slot game comes with settings and buttons to make it easy for players. Since it is an online video slot, you can also play the game while lying on your couch. Through your mobile, tablet, or desktop, you can play. It is compatible with both android and iOS operating systems. You can play Win Escalator Slot with casino operators online and also through the Red Tiger Gaming platform.

You have two main game options: the demo and the real money game. The demo is the trial version of the game that allows you to test and see how the game works before betting on real money. When you switch to the real money game, you will bet with money.

To get started with the real money game, you need to load money into your game, casino, or e-wallet account. From this money, you can be able to bet on spins to win games.

Unlike other games where you have to spend a fortune to play, it is different with Win Escalator Slot. With a minimum of 0.10 GBP, you can bet on spins and even win amazing prizes. Once you have funds in your game e-wallet, you are ready to play.

Here are the fundamental rules and steps to follow:

  • If you are playing the game through a casino, log into your account and select Win Escalator Slot game.
  • Select the amount of money you want to stake for a spin and make your evaluations.
  • Use the command bar to spin the reel to get the game started.
  • As you spin the reels, the playing symbols move along the rows. When at least three symbols hit the pay lines, it forms a win.
  • If you realize the spins are moving slowly, you can speed it up with the turbo option on the game.
  • Set your bet and automate the spins by themselves through the auto-play option. All you have to do is to set your bets periodically and then hit the autoplay.
  • You can also customize the autoplay.

Interactive Features

Most brilliant slots have unique features that attract a certain group of players. Win Escalator Slot is no different. You will get mesmerized by its thrilling and remarkable features. Having a fruity and a dark background with its amazing sound effect, you know you can expect more.

Diamond Wilds: This is one of the core things to remember about this Video Slot. The Diamond Wilds can substitute and interchange other paying symbols to increase payouts on a pay line. These game symbols are available throughout the entire game.

White Diamond Free Spins: This is the game symbol responsible for free bonus spins. When you land three more of this on the reels, you can trigger free bonus spins to play more games. It is a special symbol for triggering bonuses.

Expanding Feature: This is perhaps what makes the entire game stand out. When you spin a reel, and the wild symbol pops up, you are on the way to winning big. It can cause the reels to expand and create additional lines or rows, giving you clarity where the matching symbols will appear for a combo. This expanding feature can escalate your wins and also land you free spins bonus. This is because it triggers an extra row, increasing the chances of hitting a pay line for a win.

Fruity Symbols: Each slot comes with its theme symbols. There is eight (8) classic fruit paying symbols such as cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, bells, stars, melons, and horseshoes for the Win Escalator slot. The amount of money you win depends on the symbols that land on the reels.

Game Options: There are three main control options to set and control the game: the turbo, the command, and the autoplay. You can use the command bar to start the spin, use the turbo to increase the speed, and finally use the autoplay to get the spins on their own accord.

Unlike other slots, this game does not have a progressive jackpot feature.

What Symbol Triggers Win Escalator Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The wild diamond triggers the release of the bonus free bonus spins. . When you land at least three free symbols on the same reel, it will culminate in a free spin. After the wild symbol lands during the expanding feature, it causes an extra free spin to be added to your account. During the expansion, the rows expand, triggering the release of the free spins.

When the scatter icon causes free spin symbols to spread anywhere on the row, you can get a free spin. However, it is much easier to get a free spin through the wild diamond symbol than to trigger the free spin symbols to land on at least three rows. But this makes the game fun and exciting—the chase for free spins can get you crazy but fun-filled. In a nutshell, you can get free spins through the falling Wilds, Scatters, Expanding Reels, and the Free Spins symbols.

Paylines and Stakes

Win Escalator classic fruit machine offers players nine paying symbols. The fruit symbols include cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, bells, stars, melons, horseshoes, and diamonds. Each of the pay lines has a certain value associated with it. The diamond is the wild symbol that can substitute itself with other symbols for a big win. You can land 4 of the diamonds and hit 350 times your bet or stake.

You can start playing real money games with as little as 0.10 GBO to as high as 100 GBP per spin. The amount you win entirely depends on the matching regular symbols and the pay lines they land on. To decrease your costs and increase your win rate, you need to target the free spin features. It will help decrease costs and enable you to play for free to win. The highest win amount is 859 x your stake.

Slot Game Software

Win Escalator Slot Review is the product of Red Tiger Gaming. The online slot has been developed with the latest gaming technology, licensed for the public. Starting from 2014, Red Tiger Gaming has worked diligently, creating remarkable and breathtaking games that have entertained millions. They also do not fall short of real money features.

As leading software and game developer, they hold the values of integrity, excellence, and innovation in all their development. They are legally compliant and ensure their games are fair, and adhere to responsible gaming rules. Apart from special slots, Red Tiger Gaming is phenomenal for developing table, jackpot, and even live dealer games.

What is Win Escalator Slots RTP?

Win Escalator Slots has an RTP of 94.08%. The RTP of a game means the return to a player per spin. It helps to know the probability at which a play will win a game. While Win Escalator’s Slot is not very impressive, they offer many ways of winning. Their RTP still falls in the average class of RTP.

This is how it typically works: if you spend 1 GBP for a spin, you are likely to win 94.08 GBP when you place at least 100 bets. As you gain experience, winning becomes much easier. Using the Win Escalator features, you can multiply your wins several times.

Slot Volatility

Wins Escalator Slot machines have medium volatility. Even though the volatility looks modest, it is shocking when the game escalator works wonders for players to hit over 856 times their bet. You can also play and win the jackpot. But you can expect to be surprised by exciting bonuses, free spins, and even more wins.

The Summary

The simple slot gaming market is flooded with various games, but each has a distinctive feature. Win Escalator Slot comes with impressive features such as the wild symbols, the expansion of reels, the diamond symbols, the fruity symbols, the ultra-modern sounds, and the stunning visual graphics. The 4 reels, 3 pay-line game is popular in the casino industry, playable on a mobile device, tablet device, and desktop version.

The minimum amount to bet with is 0.10 GBP, and the maximum amount is 100 GBP. Even though it has medium volatility and an RTP of approximately 95%, you can win games up to 850 times you bet, thanks to the win escalating feature of the game. The expanding and wild symbols can also trigger free spins to play more games. If you are new to the game, you can start with the demo and then bet with a lower amount before increasing your bet amount.

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