Wild Worlds Slot

Wild Worlds comes as a 5×5 cluster slot game, and it comes from the Swedish Software Provider NetEnt. This online slot comes with different bonus features, which keep making slot players stuck to their game screen.

The Wild Worlds Slot game seems to be inspired by comic books and the bird superheroes battle monsters they possess. This hair-raising adventure game will keep you at the edge of your seat as you continue playing.

Wild Worlds Slot comes with free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, and other symbols, giving you all the rewards that the bonus and demo games can provide. Together with the avalanche feature, these features will make you feel that the gameplay contains all the excitement that only NetEnt slots can provide. Find out more about the Wild Worlds Slot in this Wild Worlds Slot Review.

About Wild Worlds Slot Game

Wild Worlds Slot game comes from the stables of NetEnt. This slot game comes with graphics in cartoon monster movie style. You will also find feathered superheroes are pink, blue, green, etc. You will also find that the game’s background comes with a display of a battleground. In the monster series, you will discover cold-hearted monsters, colourful monsters, combos with hero symbols, and silhouette symbols.

On the Wild Worlds Slot battleground display where the game is set, their birdlike alien, which you will come across, seems to have their planet. The landscape of the cool features game is breathtaking, and you as a player would love the setting of the gameplay. There are also different modes, which the game comes with; hence, you have various choices and a bundle of features to pick from in this Wild World Slot. The base soundtrack further increases the betting action in this cartoonish characters’ gameplay.

How To Play Wild Worlds Slot Online

You can play the Wild Worlds Slot game simply. However, this cold slot can only come out with the rewards you desire when you can engage with the demo game. The demo game would help you build up your opportunity to make big wins when you finally play with real money. Below, you will find steps to help you carry out your online casino slot gameplay without stress or hassle.

  • Choose the coin denomination or bet range you want to make use of in your bet stakes.
  • Make use of the maximum bet to gain the most from your bet stakes
  • Make use of the spin button to put the avalanche reels in motion and begin your gameplay
  • The autoplay feature is accessible, and it helps you to continue your spins based on pre-selected games

Note that you can play this 5-reel, 5-row slot game with your mobile phone, tablet device, android devices, desktop device, iOS, etc. All of the platforms, which the 5-reels, 5-rows slot world game are played, give you the same experience. Hence, there is nothing different between the gameplay of either of the game methods.

Interactive Features

The interactive features of the Wild Worlds Slot game stand as the additional features which the 5×5 game comes with. In this 5×5 slot game, several of these features are put together, making the gameplay more enjoyable. One of these symbols is the destroy feature which leaves only one colour on the reels and beats all others.

Other features to make the gameplay more interesting include the ice world, dark forest, and fire lands. All of the wild features are significant features that the Wild Worlds Slot game possesses. These wild symbols have diverse values, which will increase your reward value at the end of your gameplay. There are no scatter symbols in this video game.

Game Symbols   

The Wild Worlds Slot game symbols in this attractive slot game are matching symbols. To land a winning combination, you need to land 3 matching symbols. The highest paying symbol is the crown, and it can give you 100x your bet stake. The low-paying symbols consist of green gems with feathers marking them.

There are also gold-plated symbols in green, pink, and blue colours. These stand as the medium paying symbols in the online slot game. All of the regular paying symbols come in diverse shapes and colours. The symbols play a significant role in the free spins round of the game and the other bonus games, which the base game possesses.

Bonus Features

The bonus game of this online casino is called the hero attack game. You can trigger it after your 1st deposit, 2nd deposit, and 3rd deposit by collecting 3 wins in the form of a deposit bonus after each trigger. Once you exhaust the additional bonus feature, you open yourself up to a new win level called a mega win.

What Symbol Triggers Wild Worlds Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Wild Worlds Slot game comes with a free spin feature, and it comes when you land 3 scatters. The 3 scatters can grant you 8 free spins. With 3 free spins you land, you will be able to trigger the other notable features like the fire land, dark forest, and the ice world to get bonus money in the continuous winnings, consecutive winnings, awesome winnings, and more, which the game provides.

Paylines and Stakes

The Wild Worlds Slot game comes with 20 paylines. The range of coins and bet ranges starts from a minimum of 0.20 to a maximum of 400 coins. You can get wins from 0.4 to 100x your bet stake when you land 5 symbols on the same payline.

Wild Worlds Slot Game Software

Wild Worlds Slot comes from the famous NetEnt. NetEnt stands as one of the world’s renowned casino software developers in the world today, and it is one of the most recognized software providers globally today. They are known for several games, which have world acclaim globally.

The software provider came into existence in 1996, and right now, it has become the leading developer of casino games. The software provider has its headquarters in Malta, Sweden, and it has to its credit several awards and licenses from top license operators around the world. Check out more games from Netent below:

What is Wild Worlds RTP?

This slot machine has a relatively high Return to Player Average of 96.74%. This RTP is higher than most slot games in its category. With such a high RTP rate, you have a higher probability of making wins in this slot game.

Slot Volatility

Wild Worlds Slot game is a medium volatile slot game. Medium volatility slots give you great ways to make more wins from your bet stakes, as well as the ability to win massive amounts in the form of payouts. The avalanching reels slot themes game has various features that make the spin sequence work in your favour, even without an additional spin.


Wild Worlds Slot game is simply superb, and the multi-level feature, which it possesses, is one of the endearing traits of this slot game. Most slot players see the slot game as being complicated, but the truth is that it is complicated in retrospect, but not when you are acting on it. However, the free spins bonus feature, which the Wild Worlds Slot game machine comes with, can be a bit tasking to trigger.

Slot players cannot deny that the Wild World Slot game is entertaining and will keep punters stuck to their game screen. With this slot game, NetEnt has shown that there is so much to slot games, and it does not just end in playing the game. It still has a lot to do with the graphics, animations, game characters, and others, which the game has a lot of. You would not want to miss out on the exciting features that this avalanche slot game possesses.

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