Wild Spartan Slot

The Wild Spartan slot game ushers you into an old Greece where soldiers with metallic helmets and shields grace your battlefield. It is a theme coupled with great graphics in a powerful yet colourful piece of a historical setup.

The makers of Wild O’Clock Slot, present Wild Spartan. Wild Spartan have an impressive mix of both old age and modern times in the setup, thus boosting the fun of the game.

What is impressive, you can play the game on all platforms. Be it on your PC, or your portable device, or your mobile. That means you still enjoy the game on the go.

In this Wild Spartan slot review, you will look at the fantastic features such as the high RTP, free bonus spins, symbols, and other gaming features. If you are a gaming freak, then read along.

About Wild Spartan Slot Game

The Wild Spartan slot game is one top game from the fabulous list produced by the ever-competent red tiger team. The game falls into a category of 5 reels and 3 rows. A payline of 10 with a minimum of £0.2 to a maximum of £100 on each bet you stake.

Most online games come with different themes depending on the game you choose to play. The famous themes found include superhero cartoons, movie horror, tradition, and history. The Spartan slot game falls in the ancient and traditional setup but in a movie category that infuses modernism.

It is worth mentioning the slot players pick each game depending on the theme, graphics and colours used. Thus, the Red tiger team understands player psychology well, so they have cooperated with graphics and blended them with powerful graphics to create a slick theme for the Wild Spartan game.

The Wild Spartan game brings out features and symbols displayed on the reel during the play. The features to watch for include spears, shields, and helmets. The familiar characters that trigger free spins, free bonus games and jackpots include the wild, titans, and fair maidens.

How to Play Wild Spartan Slot Online

The Wild Spartan slot game has a reel that is easy to understand. At the top of the rotation is the paytable, the autoplay button, and the sound option button. While at the bottom, you have the stake button, the balance button, and the spin button.

To play the Wild Spartan slot game, follow these steps;

  1. Fast stake an amount you wish to play. The amount can be as low as £2 or a maximum of £100.
  2. Press the spin button at the bottom of the reel to initiate play. The slot machine allows you to make spins of up to 60. However, there is no set amount of wager per pay line. What to do is to press the spin button.
  3. If you wish the slot machine to autoplay, you must choose the set spins of 10, 20, 40, 60 up to 100, then hit the autoplay button at the top of the reel.
  4. During the play, you will see symbols and winning features on the reel. They include the standard cards labelled 10, J, Q, and A. spears, helmets, shields, and daggers.

 Other special symbols include 

  • Wilds
  • Titans
  • Free spins.

During play, take note of the wild symbols that have high returns. You have to make five spins of this symbol to win a £500 bonus to help you play the non-progressive jackpot.

The Wild Spartan slot game is one of the red Tigers games with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentage margin of 95.13%. so by playing the game, you have an increased chance of winning your wager.

Interactive Features

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot increases when played and the player does not win. But, when the player wins, the next player’s jackpot is set to a minimum. 

The rise continues until the player wins the jackpot, and then the system sets another jackpot. That act of the jackpot rising to higher amounts is what makes it a progressive jackpot.

Many slot machines feature this interactive feature to entice their customers into playing. The jackpot is usually displayed on big LCD screens to attract the players.

It is crucial to note that not all slot machines have the progressive jackpot.

The jackpot is normally set from the minimum to the maximum amount the player must win. At no time should the jackpot exceed the maximum amount.

Bonus Games

Bonus games are mini-games that add excitement and fun features for you while gaming. So, not all online slot gaming machines have this interactive feature for you. 

You can trigger a bonus game by hitting certain symbols included in the main game. The symbols are usually in pairs or the distribution of threes. Or sometimes more symbols appear on the reel.

The bonus games come in different forms for you. The games may be in the form of

  • Free spins
  • Pick me
  • Pathway game
  • Instant win
  • Re-spins and many more 

Want to play an online bonus game like a pro? It is wise to try your hands on the free online versions. The free versions will help you get used to the symbols that trigger these mini-games.

How do you tell if a bonus game is ideal for you? Well, consider the following;

  • The game should have a circle of frequent appearances. You cannot play one bonus game after 30,000 spins on the real. That is not an ideal bonus game.
  • The bonus game should add excitement and fun to your gaming experience.
  • Consider how well you will get the return on the bonus game. The bonus that doubles your bet is not that good for you. So, look for a bonus game that doubles your wager.


Every slot game machine has different symbols on the pay line to enable you to win massive returns. The Wild Spartan slot game is no exception. The secret is to keep a close eye to spot the following symbols while playing on the reel.

The Scatter Symbol

It would help if you had the symbol to help you trigger free spins. Normally they come in threes to have an extra spin.

Stacked Symbol 

It is a new symbol that many slot machine designers are introducing. The symbol, while triggered, ends to cover the whole reel. A stacked symbol is handy to the player because it increases the high chances of your win. Also, it increases bonus games on the real and boosts your stake from low to high.

Wild Symbol

It is a symbol like any other. The main purpose is to increase your winning chances, thus multiplying your profits.

Bonus Symbol

 The bonus symbol works almost the same as the scatter symbol. However, the bonus symbol triggers the bonus game for you. Note that each game has its bonus symbol. So, first, check the paytable before you get to know what to expect.

Sticky symbol

As the name suggests, the symbols tend to stay on the reel for the number of free spins you have to make. Consequently, you can take advantage of the symbol to generate large amounts of wins. Please note them during the play because they are always found in the play’s free bonus spins.

The above are the most common symbols that you will find on major online slot games. You can perfect using the symbols by playing free online slot games before investing reel money in your quest.

What Symbols Trigger the Wild Spartan Slot Bonus Free Spins?

While playing the Wild Spartan slot game, you will realize a fair maiden symbol that enables you to trigger the free bonus spin.

You have to trigger the three of these symbols on the reel then your bonus free spin comes into play.

Paylines and Stakes 


By now, if you are a gamer, you realize that each slot game has its own set of paylines and stakes that you get to understand.

It is not different from Wild Spartan. The enticing feature of Wild Spartan is the return you get on your stakes. You will have access to 10 paylines that allows you to make spins with different combinations.

What do you do to win? Well, make three matching symbols on a pay line, and you will receive your winnings. The combination should be consecutive.


The Wild Spartan slot is a high stake game that assures you maximum returns on your wage. It assures you ×5194 multiples of your win. 

Consequently, you can stake a minimum bet of £0.2 and a maximum of up to £ 20 in each play. Remember, the returns on this game are encouraging and enticing to the players.

Wild Spartan Slot Game Software

Red Tiger Gaming software, creators of Win Escalator Slot, designed and powers the Wild Spartan slot game. The company was started in 2014 by a group of gaming experts who understands that micro gaming is massively popular software—nevertheless, the importance of catchy graphics to the players and the casino business. 

The firm is a trusted brand thanks to the number of awards during its operation period. Awards won include the following.

 · Mobile gaming software supplier in July 2020

· Mobile innovations in July 2020

· Casino products( daily drop jackpots network) February 2020

· Best online slot(rocket men slot) June 2018

· Innovation in slots provision June 2017

These and many more awards( take a look at their website) keep coming for this firm making it destined for greater heights. 

Currently, the company is at the top of the business and has stood the test of time. The slick graphic design of its games, as well as its website, speaks for itself.

The software company prides itself on the top-notch online casino games currently on the market. These games’ RTP ratings prove that the red tiger software firm understands the psychology behind the casino players and the fun part of the game.

One encouraging point is that the firm has had its players get a chance to win jackpots in their games. The jackpots include progressive jackpots, ceiling jackpots, and daily jackpots.

What Are Wild Spartans Slots RTP?

The Wild Spartan slot has a Return to player of 95.13%, which is the highest and most rewarding online slot. An RTP or return to the player is the percentage payback expected by the player on certain games. 

That means if the game has a higher RTP, you have a bigger chance of winning your stake in the game than the one with a low RTP.

For example, if a game has 96% RTP and you invest £2, you will likely win £192 if you perform 100 spins on the slot.

Slot Volatility 

The slot volatility is in two ways on how the return to the player gets paid. To Explain this, follow me keenly.

You will come to discover that during the play, some slots will pay you larger sums of returns on your stake (that is, high variance). However, they do not often pay (low hits), others will pay you low returns (low variance), but they pay more often(high hits)

The two scenarios in the game are what we call slot volatility.


The red tiger team, who also created Wings Of Ra Slot, never disappoints, and that is why they remain the best online software company for gamers.

The Wild Spartan slot game is full of historical and ancient actions that leave you wanting more while playing, thanks to its high RTP feature. While on the journey to win your returns on the slot machine, the game gives you more thrilling opportunities.

There are also exclusive gaming features that come with this game. These features and game bonuses are what you need to make a combination that will give better rewards. The game also allows you to have an auto-play option when playing on your pc.

It is a game that supports all platforms ranging from iPhones, Android devices, and any other gadget that allows you to access the game online.

The jackpots in the game are one feature that makes us recommend this game for you. It is full of different types of jackpots strategically put in the game for you to win. You must look for the jackpot you want in the game and try your luck.

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