Wild O’Clock Slot

From the developers of Wild Cats Multiline Slot, The Wild O’clock is an online slot game with a theme that brings out a classical timepiece’s intricate workings. The slot game works excellently on both mobile devices and PCs. As such, you can be sure to play the slot game on the go, thanks to your smartphone or tablet.

Despite featuring an old-fashioned and classical timepiece, the Wild O’clock slot still has modern features that make it impressive. As a result, you will enjoy playing this classically themed slot game for thrilling enjoyment. 

This Wild O’clock slot review will look at the free spin bonuses you receive as a new player. It will also look at the interactive features, RTP, paylines and stake, and so much more! So, be sure to read on for more information.

About Wild O’clock Slot Game

The Wild O’clock is a new game from the Red Tiger Gaming company, which has previously developed slots such as Win Escalator Slot. Since more recent slot games tend to have improved graphics, you can bet that the Wild O’clock slot boasts about the same enhanced and improved graphics. The game has 6-line reels and 30 30 paylines. 

Slot games come in 6 themes: Fantasy, Cartoon, Superhero, Movie, Traditional, and Horror. But the Wild O’clock slot game comes in a traditional theme since it presents classical and traditional clocks throughout history. You can be sure to see old-fashioned clocks such as the hourglass and sundials when playing this thrilling and exciting slot game online.

The slot game also has a soundtrack effect that includes the sound of a ticking clock. A clock alarm is also in the background to prevent you from being anxious every hour on the slot’s clock.

The slot game brings traditional clocks to life without sacrificing their modern features. As you would expect from a classically themed game, old-fashioned clocks occasionally show on the reels. You also get enhanced images of other symbols thanks to the Red Tiger Gaming company’s excellent graphic design. The slot game is very responsive and fair to play since it comes from a competent gaming software provider. You can play this game online from its providers.

How to Play Wild O’clock Slots Online

When playing the Wild O’clock slot, you will do the following:

1.      Wager an amount – Begin by staking a given amount, ranging from £0.20 – £40.

2.      Press the Play button – Once you have wagered your preferred amount, you will click the PLAY button for the reels to spin. The video slot game is very responsive, and the reels spin when you hit the play button.

3.      Play with the Autoplay – Besides clicking the play button, you can click the Autoplay button. As the name suggests, the Auto button spins the reels on your behalf. You will also need to stake a given amount ranging from £0.20 to £40, then choose the auto spin limit.

You will then select the loss limit before clicking the Autoplay function. You can, therefore, let Autoplay spin the reels on your behalf for a chance to win various cash prizes. 

4.      Press the Turbo button – There is also a button for speeding up the Autoplay. When you click on this button, the reels will spin faster, shortening the time you spend on the reels. The gameplay is fair, and the Wild O’clock slot game is incredibly responsive on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. 

Winning the spin starts from reel 1 on the left. You will need to have 3 or more similar symbols to win the spin. The more symbols your reels show, the more cash prize you will win. Playing the slot is never challenging since Red Tiger Gaming has included the Autoplay function to spin the reels on your behalf. You can speed up the clock’s countdown, and this will also speed up the spinning. 

The slot game has a reasonably high return percentage. With a potential win of up to 2,079x, you can be sure to receive a reasonable payout if you’re lucky at the reels! You can play the Wild O’clock slot game for a chance to win a cash prize.

Interactive Features

The Wild O’clock is a video slot with plenty of interactive features. The slot game rewards 12 free spins when you have 3 scatter symbols on the reels. You can also be sure to receive a multiplier when you have landed 3 scatter symbols on the reels. The multiplier increases your winning potential by a significant amount. 

The reels can also have wild signs on them. The wild symbols cannot fill the spaces occupied by scatter symbols, but they come in handy to form winning combinations. Therefore, they are one of your friendliest symbols on the reels. Besides featuring scatter symbols and wild symbols, the Wild O’clock slot also has the following symbols:

  • Sundial
  • Hourglass
  • Table watch
  • Pocket watch
  • Wall watch
  • Spade
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Clubs

Each Symbol increases your winning by a given value depending on its number on the reels. For example, you can be sure to increase your winnings by 300x if you have 6 Sundial symbols. You can also increase your winning value by 240x if you have 6 hourglasses on the reels. 

Therefore, the sundial symbol pays the most, while the clubs pay the least. Other in-game interactive features include:

Lucky 12 O’clock

There is a clock that counts the time down when the reels are spinning. When this clock hits 12 O’clock, the reels will show super wilds, and the super wilds award you 12 free spins for another chance of turning the reels. 

Multiplier Wilds

Multiplier wilds are there to increase your winning margin. The reels might spin and show the multiplier wilds. Sometimes, the multiplier symbols might cause the slot game to multiply your potential win by 2,000x. This is hitting the mega-way spin combination. 

But most of the time, the multiplier will increase your potential winning by 8x. The wild multiplier symbols, therefore, come in handy to help you win more cash prizes. 

Super Wild

These symbols usually cover the rest of the reels after the 12th spin. Super wild symbols increase your winning potential by a significant margin. You can continue to spin the reels for the super wild symbols for a chance to max out your winning potential.

Clock Spins

The clock spin symbols also award 12 free spins on the Wild O’clock slot. You can then use the free spins to try out your luck a couple of times to win a cash prize. When the clock chimes at 2 o’clock, your winning potential increases by 2x. When it chimes at 12 O’clock, you can be sure to receive 12x the amount you have won.

The Wild O’clock slot is easy to play with plenty of symbols on the reels. You can spin the reels and see what symbols they will show. You only need to visit the right platform and play this game of chances.

What Symbol Triggers Wild O’clock Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The classically themed clock initiates a countdown while the reels spin. Once the countdown is complete, the reels reveal their symbols. Depending on what the reels show, you can win a cash prize or free spins. Sometimes, you might have 3 scatter symbols on the reels.

If you have three scatter symbols, you win yourself 12 free spins. The scatter symbols may also award you a multiplier that increases your winnings by a significant amount. Therefore, you can be sure to receive 12 free spins when playing the Wild O’clock video slot game online. 

Paylines and Stakes

The Wild O’clock slot game has a limit for staking your money, and this promotes healthy gameplay on the platforms that provide this video slot game. The slot game allows you to stake any amount ranging from £0.10 – £40. You can also set other limits, especially when playing with the Red Tiger Gaming’s Autoplay feature. 

Besides having a minimum and maximum stake, the Wild O’clock slot game also has 30 paylines. You can, therefore, be sure to receive a payout when the reels show lucky symbols! The video slot game is interesting, and you can play it on various websites. 

Wild O’clock Slot Game Software

The Red Tiger Gaming is the software company that provides incredible gameplay for Wild O’clock slot players and also to slots like Wild Spartans Slot. The company has combined a magical soundtrack with enhanced graphics to give you an excellent gaming experience. 

The Red Tiger Gaming came into existence in 2013 and has continued to produce thrilling video slot games such as the Wild O’clock, among other slots. Under this gaming company’s banner, the slots games include Lucky Fridays, Win Escalator, and Grand Wheel. 

It is a gaming company based in the UK and is duly licensed in various jurisdictions. The UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority have all licensed Red Tiger Gaming. The HM Government of Gibraltar and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission are other jurisdictions to license the company. 

Therefore, you can be sure you are playing fair video slot games. Red Tiger Gaming company partners with brands such as GiG, BetVictor, and Betsson to allow you to play various video slots like the Wild O’clock slot. Due to its incredible performance, the Red Tiger has won various awards, including the EGR B2B awards. It is a competent software provider, and it makes sense that it is the software company behind one of the top online video slots: The Wild O’clock.

What is Wild O’clock Slot RTP?

With 30 paylines, you can be sure to increase your chances of winning when playing the Wild O’clock video slot. Moreover, the slot features a high return to player percentage of 95.69%. The RTP is 95.69%, which means you get more than 95% of the money you have won when playing the slot game. You can take a spin on the reels and see which symbols the reels will show.

Everything about the Wild O’clock slot works in your favour – from high RTP to free spins. You can receive 12 free spins when three scatter symbols show on your reels. You can then use the free spins to take a shot at the reels and see if they will display lucky symbols.  

The high RTP ensures you get the most out of your playing experience. The wild signs – the gold, sun, and the moon – come in handy to give you a multiplier. When spinning the reels, the wild signs can multiply your win by up to 8x. 

More Info

RTP is an acronym for return to player. You will receive up to 95.69% of the winnings, and most video slots have an RTP above the average of 96%. So, this slot game’s RTP is below average, but you can be sure to get the most out of your winning potential since the game also has more paylines. 

Assuming you have won £100, you will receive £95.69 as your return. The same applies to other amounts of cash prizes you have won while playing the slot game. The RTP value is still incredible even though it is below the average of 96%. You can spin the reels after wagering a certain amount and see how much you win.

Slot Volatility

The Wild O’clock slot game has high volatility. With its high volatility, winning is a matter of chances and is not guaranteed. But you still have a great chance of winning since the slot game features various symbols and multipliers. 

You also have a chance to win up to 2,000x your bet. But it might be challenging to hit the mega combination that will multiply your stake by 2,000x. The Wild O’clock slot game has an increasing multiplier, which means your chances of winning increase with every gameplay. 


The Wild O’clock video slot awards you with 12 free spins when you are lucky enough to have three scatter symbols on your reels. With its free spins, you can be sure to increase your winning margins. The slot also brings to life old-fashioned clocks in a modern slot game.

Its rhythmic soundtrack also entertains you when you play, increasing your general experience on the platform from which you are playing. Moreover, you can be sure to play the slot game on both PC and smartphone (or tablet).

It is a very responsive game with beautiful symbols. The game also has a very volatile RTP of more than 95%. Your chances of winning are ever-increasing with every spin you take on the reels. With the correct symbols, you can be sure to hit a winning combination of more than 2,000x. 

If playing video slots is your method of spending your free time, you should try the Wild O’clock slot. However, it is a game of chances, but you still win various cash prizes. You can play it on the platforms that offer this exclusive video slot.

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