WhichBingo Reveals “Seismic Shift” In Online Bingo Play

WhichBingo announced a “seismic shift” in the way online bingo is played in the UK, after revealing that due to the coronavirus pandemic, more young men have taken up the sport in the past twelve months.

In its latest annual report, which polled more than 800 adults who played online bingo in the UK from January 4-15, 2021, the independent online bingo review site, which is owned and run by XLMedia, makes the recommendations.

Marketing and commercial practises

In the light of increased internet uptake, the organisation warns that the bingo business would have to reinvent itself, advising that brands ought to reconsider marketing and commercial practises in order to reach younger millennial and generation Z demographics rather than conventional customers.

Stuart Simms, XLMedia’s CEO, commented: “The global coronavirus pandemic forced – or in some cases accelerated – a change in the way people enjoy themselves and pass their leisure time when not at work. Our report shows the remarkable shift in the make-up of the typical bingo player. 

“Although many may look forward to the return of those Saturday nights at the bingo hall, the industry is evolving and technology’s influence has been essential in helping bingo keep up with the realities of busy, modern life. 

“These changing macro behaviours and innovations, together with the new expectations of a dedicated younger audience who want to experience the same thrills and spirit of the bingo hall without leaving the house, mean that online bingo is most definitely here to stay.”

Number of men playing bingo more than doubled

Important results in the study indicate that between 2020 and 2021, the number of men playing bingo more than doubled, 75 percent of online bingo players in the UK are now under 44 years of age, more than three quarters of digital users spend up to £ 50 a month, and online versus visiting bingo halls is now at 48:52 divided among British users.

Nevertheless, amid the apparent “rapid increase in interest and engagement” among young male cohorts, it is noted that the results of the study indicate that women between the ages of 25-54 are much more likely to be grouped to participate.

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