Videoslots Calls For ‘Greater Clarity’ After Spelinspektionen Injunction

As the group responds to an injunction provided by the Swedish Gambling Authority, Videoslots has called for “greater clarity to aid responsible operators like ourselves.”

Acknowledging the injunction issued by the Spelinspektionen and the potential fine for non-compliance, the online slot site operator asserts that it is “pleased that it confirms compliant implementation of the bonus, deposit and time limits put in place.”

‘Unreasonable and unjustifiable’

The group calls the regulations “unreasonable and unjustifiable,” however, and maintains that “they are also completely counterproductive to their declared aim of player protection and push players into the arms of illegal operators.”

The penalty imposed by the Spelinspektionen was due to alleged infringements of the legislation adopted in connection with the pandemic of COVID-19.

Exceeding mandatory deposit caps

In its determination that the infringement “is not to be regarded as serious, but neither minor nor excusable,” the regulator found that players were able to exceed a mandatory deposit cap by canceling withdrawals from their gaming accounts.

This, the Spelinspektionen reports, means that players have been able to deposit on commercial online games more than the maximum allowed amount of SEK 5,000 per week.

Compliant implementation

A Videoslots representative stated: “Videoslots notes the decision made by the Swedish regulator and is pleased that it confirms compliant implementation of the bonus, deposit and time limits put in place by the Swedish government to counter a perceived increase of risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“According to the decision, these regulations also prohibit the withdrawal-related functionality which remained in question. We will comply and remove this functionality, having already offered to do so during the assessment. 

“We do not, however, believe that we were in breach of the COVID-19, or any other regulations, and call for greater clarity to aid responsible operators like ourselves. Furthermore, we maintain our position that these regulations are both unreasonable and unjustifiable.

“Not only are they contradicted by facts and damaging to licensed operators, they are also completely counterproductive to their declared aim of player protection and push players into the arms of illegal operators. We will therefore continue to challenge these regulations.”