Veralda Release 2 Percent In Kambi Shares

The sale of 675,000 shares in Kambi Group Plc has been confirmed by Veralda, the private investment company of Swedish sports betting tycoon Anders Ström.

Yesterday, the selling of shares was carried out, with Veralda divesting 2 percent of its existing equity in the Stockholm-listed Kambi at a purchase price of SEK 462 per share (EUR 45).

Swedish and institutional private investors

Veralda’s net gross proceedings in the deal with private Swedish and institutional private investors amounted to SEK 312 million (EUR 31 million), as the investment fund reduced its Kambi shareholding to 5,400000 ordinary shares (17.5 percent).

Ström commented on the transaction statement said: “I am pleased to see an overwhelming interest from both current and new shareholders wanting to invest in Kambi’s growth story. Kambi has developed into a leading premium sports betting technology company, with significant opportunities in new and existing markets.”

Completely committed long-term investor

In closing its declaration, Veralda stressed that it was Kambi’s completely committed long-term investor and would retain active representation on its board of directors.

Since the founding of the sports betting technology group in 2010, Ström has held an investment in Kambi, splitting Unibet Plc’s technology properties.

Last December, Unibet’s founder, Ström, declared that he would not renew his tenure as non-executive chairman of the Kindred Group as he upheld a pledge to disengage from business before his 50th birthday.