Veikkaus OY Seeking Vice President As Sami Kauhanen Quits

Finland ‘s national gambling monopoly Veikkaus OY is searching for a new sports betting boss after Wagering ‘s long-term vice president Sami Kauhanen quit to head Finnish horseracing.

This June, Suomen Hippos – the horseracing and stud breeding association in Finland – confirmed Kauhanen ‘s appointment as inbound President and CEO effective 1 September 2020.

Hippos stressed the credentials of Kauhanen as the optimal candidate to lead his organisation, having been a key stakeholder in the wagering enlargement of Veikkaus during 2017, when it absorbed the assets of former state-owned racing operator Fintoto.

A senior executive in Veikkaus for 10 years, Kauhanen has led all divisions and products related to sports betting for Finland ‘s gambling monopoly.

Further on-the-ground training sees Hippos showcasing the professional credentials of Kauhanen’s horseracing coach, in which he has won 2,700 starting lines.

“Horses and equestrian sports have been an integral part of my life, and after a short break, I get to work on this great field and sport again,” said Kauhanen. “The future offers many challenges, but I also see many opportunities ahead. It’s great to get involved.”

Kauhanen takes over Finnish horseracing as government agencies undertake a review of Veikkaus ‘s mandate for social responsibility after taking over Fintoto and Ray (slots and arcades) companies.

He added: “The industry has had to get used to a whole new situation since the merger of the gaming companies and it has, of course, required adaptation.

“I am quite sure that in the future the strong will of the racing people will help find a common goal, which we are all willing to do our best for.”

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