Veikkaus Again Suspends Gaming Activities In Satakunta

Because of revised novel coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions in the area, Finnish monopoly operator Veikkaus has once again been temporarily suspended gaming activities in Satakunta.

On 16 January, following a decision by the authorities to downgrade the area to basic Covid-19 steps, Veikkaus relaunched its slot machines and reopened its gaming halls in Satakunta.

Covid-19 acceleration

However, Veikkaus must stop operations again after the area has been moved back to the ‘acceleration’ phase of the Covid-19 restriction phase.

Gaming halls were appropriately closed on 29 January, while all slot machines were turned off by the following morning.

As is the case with its operations in all the Finnish regions, Veikkaus said that as soon as the steps are eased, gaming services in Satakunta will resume.

In November, in the midst of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the region, the operator’s machines across most of Finland were closed.

Identity authentication

Veikkaus launched the latest mandatory identity authentication controls for players this month, in the midst of the continuing disruption of services.

To bet on slots, customers must now log in to allow them more control over self-exclusion from the terminals. The operator said the new system was supposed to minimise player losses by about EUR 300m.