VegasWINNERS Announce Roster Of Handicappers

VegasWINNERS Inc, the sports information network subsidiary of GoooGreen, created by ‘America’s Oddsmaker’ Wayne Allyn Root, announced this week the addition to its roster of a well-known team of handicappers.

First on the list is Big Al McMordie, who won 42 #1 football awards, won the 2007 World Series of Sports Handicapping, and won The Stardust Invitational, Las Vegas’ most prestigious handicapping event.

Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart, an widely known handicapper who has supported sports bettors for over 30 years to make unparalleled returns, joins him. Known as the Dean of Vegas Sports Betting, to achieve sports betting guru status, he uses proprietary science, sophisticated analytics and algorithms.

As he reaches his 37th year on top of the sports handicapping nation, Larry Ness joins the team. He presents on TV (USA Network) the longest running pre-game handicapping programme. With over 250 appearances on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today, Paul “Chip” Chipper brings experience as a nationally syndicated radio host.

Rocky Atkinson is bringing a long-game viewpoint to VegasWINNERS. For each sport he handicaps, he takes a separate strategy and believes in long-term profit over short-term incentives. Atkinson is regularly in the top 10 with many # 1 finishes and positions. The 17 consecutive NBA wins is his most unforgettable streak.

AJ Penny, a professional handicapper since the early 80s, who beat the sportsbooks even before he became a professional, also enters. He currently sits on top of many contested handicapping leaderboards and holds an NCAA football win rate of 62 percent and an NFL win rate of 57 percent.

Jim Feist, a pioneer in the field of business and sports handicapping for five decades, is an addition to the list. He introduced National Sports Services beginning in the 1970s, using the first telephone line services and Sports Tracker, the former Official Nevada Rotation publisher.

He has worked as the New York State Lottery’s technical consultant and appeared on television shows ranging from “Inside Football” and “Sports Center” by ESPN to “Crossfire” by CNN.

Last but not least is Chip Chirimbes, the Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Champion, who since 1978, when he created “The A-Play Sports Handicapping Show” live from New York City, has been in the sports handicapping, TV and radio industry. As their Las Vegas specialist, he made more than 300 appearances on CNN / SI (Sports Illustrated) from 1995-2001.

The fact that its business model is focused on the growth of online gaming and the legalisation of sports gambling in the US and world, according to VegasWINNERS Inc, dictates that an established, successful team of sports handicappers is a must.

CE Root commented: “Never before has any sports gaming information network assembled a who’s who of the world’s most premier handicappers under one roof. Our consumers will have access to the greatest group of consistent winners imaginable.”