Vanarama National Steps Toward Season End

The Vanarama National League clubs agreed by a ‘clear majority’ to cancel all remaining fixtures for their three groups of the non-league.

A total of 90% of all National League clubs through their three divisions replied to the organisation’s proposal to finish the play season for all fixtures planned up to and including April 25, 2020. As a result, the National League, National League North, and National League South are effectively concluded immediately.

Michael Tattersall, chief executive of the national league, commented: “At a time when the entire country is wrestling with the devastating impact of Covid-19, the cancellation of the remaining normal season matches brings a degree of certainty to our clubs coping with the business implications of the virus.”

Clubs who will have to vote on the decision will still have the option of expressing views with the group who wishes to ‘have as many preferences as possible before the final voting result is declared.’

However, despite the obvious large number of clubs who have opted to end the current season, the final decision tends to be a formality to indicate how many teams have voted either way.

Promotion and relegation details has yet to be released with a number of steps still being addressed by the organisation.

The league may be using procedures that other organisations have already adopted to look at how other leagues have approached a conclusion to the campaign. In Scotland the SPFL announced that in its second, third and fourth divisions the season would effectively end immediately. The present and final rankings were then used, resulting in promotion for Dundee and relegation misery for Partick Thistle.

The Football Association (FA) announced that steps six and below the ladder of football will be ‘null and void.’

The divisions of the National League have been suspended since March 16, after the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK has led to the indefinite postponement or suspension of all sporting activities.