Valencia Updates Gambling Establishment Laws

Valencia has become the latest autonomous region in Spain to update its gambling establishment laws that operate within its municipality.

At the end of its plenary session, the municipal government of Valencia, ‘Generalitat Valenciana,’ confirmed that it had approved the drafting of the ‘Ley del Juego’ bill, moving towards measures to prevent minors from entering gambling halls and further support programmes to address gambling problems.

The council highlights in its mandate that Valencia needs a comprehensive revamp of its gambling code that has not been updated since 1988.

In addition, the municipal government of Valencia is seeking to develop a ‘single regulatory text’ that updates legal and fiscal requirements for gambling venues that must ‘adapt to new social, economic and technological realities.’

Laws relating to the operation of terrestrial gambling venues are sanctioned by the seventeen autonomous communities of the regional governments of Spain, which ascertain individual standards and business requirements.

Shifting to revamp its gambling frameworks, Valencia will establish to build tougher ‘street-level checks’ that oversee public access to licenced places of gambling.

In turn, the Valencian government will substantially increase penalties against its municipal self-exclusion registry on venues that do not undertake age checks or background checks against vulnerable customers.

More checks will see Valencia banning the ‘cashing of prizes in bars,’ restricting the operations of approved gambling establishments, with the regional government more announcing that it will reclassify the permit from which places can operate’ type-b’ fruit machines.

Spain’s gambling establishment scrutiny intensified this 2019, with Madrid and Euskadi governments reviewing gambling premises laws, customer verification and service marketing.

Last week, the city council of Barcelona confirmed that it would not allow any more gambling expansions for a period of one year to support the city’s networks of addiction treatment.