SportCaller Announce First Cryptocurrency With

Published: 5th May 2021
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 5th May 2021

SportCaller, a free-to-play (FTP) game provider with operations in North America and Latin America, has announced the first cryptocurrency alliance with, Coingaming Group’s sports-betting subsidiary.

As seeks to broaden its presence into untapped territories, the new agreement is part of a larger FTP framework that will enable the company to reach both established and emerging markets in the long run.

The launch of two exclusive games, 4-3-free and Bet free 6-6, is also part of the announcement. Both games are designed to reintroduce familiar FTP formats with creative jackpot mechanics and new concepts based on popular sports like football and cricket.

As elite sport battles with an unpredictable timetable around the world, these latest titles are part of a sports-agnostic sequence that allows to press engaging games into the service of any event.

Highly-focused and collaborative approach’s Director of Sportsbook, Joe McCallum, said: “SportCaller’s highly-focused, and collaborative approach to game-ideation, together with their consumer analysis from a host of worldwide data sets, gives them a competitive edge when it goes to both game-delivery and strategic planning. 

“Whether it’s acquisition or retention-focused games, we now feel confident of keeping our players engaged with the brand in a fun, fast and fair way – enhancing the existing experience, and minimizing churn, wherever we set our scene.

“Their new games embrace player-education and enhanced activity at their heart, and are already demonstrating their huge worth at a time when responsible engagement and retention rightly demand adaptable solutions. We look forward to extending this progressive partnership with more games across our other premium properties over the coming years.”

‘Sowing the seeds of global success’

SportCaller’s MD, Cillian Barry, added: “Coingaming and are led by some of the great innovators and disruptors in the sportsbook space, always striving for innovation and pushing the limits of new technology. So, we’re thrilled to align those values with our own, on a watershed journey into unexplored markets where both crypto and fiat currencies are vying for position.

“In this industry, sowing the seeds of global success is best achieved by coupling international ambition to local utility. After all, while some trends are universal, language, taste and specific sports-mad fanbases are invariably culturally-contingent. 

“International fragmentation for game design and regional requirements (eg regulatory, or player-preference-based) only magnifies the importance of supplying a precise game UI at every turn, and in every country. Which is why SportCaller has developed peerless geo-location tools, allowing us to geo-target and partition between diverse territories with dexterity.

“I’m pleased to report that initial engagement has been incredibly positive, so we can’t wait to see how games like 4-3-free and Bet free 6-6 continue to perform across varied regions which, in some cases, represent new markets for us. The free-to-play vertical is clearly bringing the fun and familiarity for both new and regular customers.”

In North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia, SportCaller has released over 100 games in 47 countries and 20 languages.

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