Senator Addabbo Expresses Optimisum For Mobile Betting In NY By Super Bowl 2022

Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. of New York has released a statement regarding the future of mobile sports betting in the state, expressing optimism that sports fans will be able to put their first mobile wagers in time for the Super Bowl in 2022.

With one of the most complex and critical state budgets finally concluded, Addabbo Jr was pleased to see that the legalisation of mobile sports betting was included in the final language, an endeavour he has been working on for over two years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge economic deficit in New York State, which has seen hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and educational support flow to New Jersey and illegal sports betting markets.

New York is predicted to pull in about $99 million in fiscal year 2021-2022 if mobile sports betting is legalised, according to the Senator. The projected figure then rises to about $357 million in FY 2022-2023, ultimately topping $500 million in FY 2025-2026, with the majority of the money going to education in the state.

Two platform providers

Under a competitive bidding procedure, the New York State Gaming Commission must now choose two platform providers to become mobile sports wagering operators. It can allow more than two operators if it is in the state’s best interests. The state will charge a one-time $25 million fee to licence holders, and licences will be reversible after ten years.

Addabbo Jr, who also chairs the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering, said: “We were already facing a budget deficit before the COVID-19 pandemic, so we needed to find additional revenue streams for the state. There was no way we could cut our way out of the hole we found ourselves in.

“Legalising mobile sports betting will bring in the funds needed by the state that will go towards funding our education system, problem gambling awareness programs and creating jobs.”

New Yorkers are now making mobile sports bets, according to Addabbo, but they are either doing so illegally or quickly moving to neighbouring states where it is legal. According to a report, New York residents wagered $837 million on sports bets in New Jersey in 2019.

Loss of money for the state

Not only was New York losing money to these other networks, but people with gaming addiction problems were not receiving the support they needed, according to the Senator.

“When New York residents travel to other states or participate in the illegal market to place mobile sports wagers, there is no way for us to identify and help them should they have a gaming addiction,” he said. 

“By safely legalising mobile sports betting, New York State can better recognise and assist those with a gambling problem, with the help of the over one dozen safeguards and measures written into the bill’s language.”

In July, the state Gaming Commission will begin the process of developing a mobile sports betting system and will begin accepting bids from sportsbook providers.

2022 Super Bowl

Addabbo, who believes that mobile sports betting will be completely functional and operational in New York by the 2022 Super Bowl, concluded: “While we already have in-person legal sports betting here in New York, it is clear that the states that allow for mobile wagering are far more successful. 

“With another Super Bowl gone, New York continues to lag behind other states — even states that have just legalised sports betting — when we should be leading the way. I am hopeful that with the passage of legalised mobile sports betting, New York will soon begin to reap the benefits in terms of revenue, educational funding, addiction programs and jobs. For many, it is an exciting time to be a sports fan in New York.”

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