Rio de Janeiro Prevented From Appointing Local Lottery

The state of Rio de Janeiro will be prevented from appointing a local lottery, online gambling, and sports betting operator for the time being.

It comes after the State of Rio de Janeiro’s Court of Auditors accepted temporary remedies proposed by the joint venture Estrela Instantánea, created by IGT do Brasil and Scientific Games, to halt the Loteria del Estado de Ro de Janeiro’s Public Bid No. 010/2021. (Loterj).

Loterj must now “refrain from awarding, approving, and signing a contract resulting from the bidding process,” according to the new rules.

The deputy counsellor of the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Auditors, Andrea Siqueira Martins, requested that Loterj’s president, Oswaldo Luiz Pacheco Ribeiro, supply the information needed to proceed with the lawsuit.

Games Magazine Brazil explained: “Loterj’s President wasn’t expecting any attempts to challenge this process, especially so close to the date [it was supposed to end], but we were prepared just in case. Loterj’s legal department will work with the Court of Auditors to reverse the suspension request.”

Exciting tender process

Ribeiro also stated that the tender process is exciting and that this is a post-pandemic operation.

He continued: “We suffered a lot, but now [there’s] redemption, a turning point for Loterj. Our revenues were below expectations and this change will be important because we will take a step forward. But most importantly, we will meet very quickly the expectations that the society has in our state.”

International corporations must associate with a Brazilian entity, which would be the consortium’s leading member, in order to offer sports betting and lottery goods in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, each consortium member must meet the standards on their own by producing supporting evidence. The initiative proposes transferring the monies gathered through the same mechanism that Loterj presently uses to run its lotteries, while also ensuring that the revenue is liable to federal income tax.

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