PayPal Bingo Sites

Online bingo sites have become a staple for many bingo players. There are millions of pounds worth of transactions every month spent on bingo sites across the internet. PayPal has become a safe and popular payment method, and there are plenty of PayPal Bingo Sites available if this is your preferred payment method.

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PayPal has built a fantastic reputation to become a leading and well-trusted electronic wallet service. With this service, online bingo players experience hassle free ways to make deposits into their online bingo accounts.

In this unbiased review, we look at the pros and cons of this payment method and provide a list of some popular bingo sites that accept PayPal payments.

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Additionally, if you are new to depositing by PayPal, we include much-needed information on this service. There is also a guide on creating a PayPal and using PayPal to deposit into your bingo account.

Paypal Bingo Games

With a huge range of Paypal bingo gaming sites on offer, quick and easy deposits, and top of the range bonuses, Inkedin will help you make the best bingo site choice. Whether it’s the most popular 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, or 75 ball bingo, all of the sites we recommend have a selection of bingo games for you to enjoy.

You may be on the lookout for Slingo games, too; most PayPal bingo sites offer this version of the game.

Why PayPal is Popular With Bingo Players

There are a lot of sites that accept Paypal payments and that support this method of payment. It’s not just popular with bingo players; there are plenty of casino sites and slot sites that take PayPal as a payment method.

As we’ve mentioned already, the main reason that PayPal is so popular is that the site you are signing up for an account with doesn’t hold your card details, so if you are worried about security or fraud, you can sleep at night knowing that your financial information is being kept safe.

Many sites that accept PayPal allow you to sign up to their site using your PayPal details. This service is known as quick registration.

Quick registration makes the registration process a breeze because of the only thing you need to sign up if your PayPal username and password. In no time at all, you can sign up securely with a PayPal account.

The last thing to mention why PayPal is popular with bingo players and gamblers, in general, is that it’s easier to keep track of what you are spending because it’s away from your central finances. Bankroll management is an integral part of not developing a gambling problem.

How Do Deposits Work At Paypal Bingo Sites?

Deposits work in pretty much the same way as they would any other type of bingo deposit method. The main difference is instead of entering your credit card or debit card information into the bingo site, you click the PayPal button or select Paypal Deposit as the payment method. You will then get redirected to the PayPal website, where you will need to enter your email address and password.

PayPal will ask you to verify the amount you wish to deposit. Once you have confirmed, the site will move the money from your PayPal account into your online bingo account. You are free to purchase bingo tickets or slot games using your bankroll to fund the activity.

How To Pick A Site That Accepts PayPal

If you like to research things for yourself or you are wondering what we assess when looking at which sites to recommend to bingo players, then we consider the following:

PayPal Bingo Bonus Issues

Every bingo player likes a bingo bonus and who wouldn’t? It’s free money in your online bingo account that you can use to spend on bingo tickets or in some instances free spins on your favourite slot game.

Usually, to claim a bingo bonus, you need to make a min deposit to trigger the bonus. Both promotions featuring bingo tickets and ones that offer a slot games bonus have some form of wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions.

These are important to understand because although you may have a hefty win on a slot game, you may not be able to withdraw until the wagering requirements or withdrawal restrictions are met. It’s always best to avoid disappointment to pick a site with low wagering requirements.

Experienced bingo and slot players are familiar with the wagering requirements, so it’s common knowledge to look out for these restrictions. However, what is less commonly known is that gambling sites in general, not just bingo sites, don’t allow PayPal to be used to claim the welcome bonuses on offer.

Suppose PayPal is excluded as a payment method for bonus activation. In that case, it will be displayed on the site in the terms and conditions, so it’s always worth checking before signing up and depositing.

Playing On The Go

There will also be sites with a dedicated app, and sites with dedicated mobile apps are a plus for players who are always on-the-go. When you play bingo on the go and combine it with PayPal payments’ power, it is even easier to make safe, secure deposits.

In choosing the best PayPal bingo site, a player will always control their spending and security. In some cases, PayPal will send a text message to your phone to verify your transactions. No scrambling around trying to find your phone for a verification number as you already have it in the palm of your hand.


One of the significant reasons to use a bingo site that accepts PayPal is that the bingo site owner will have to prove their credentials with the UK Gambling Commission. They will also have to work with PayPal to make sure that they operate legally and lawfully.

PayPal is known for shutting shady operators accounts down, so a site that accepts PayPal even if you don’t intend to use it is always a good thing.

So sites that allow players to deposit and withdraw with PayPal not only have to prove their credential with the UKGC, they also have to prove their credentials with PayPal.

What Restrictions Are There On PayPal?

Restrictions depend on each website. As mentioned earlier, depositing using PayPal may not grant you the chance to take the bingo bonus offered by the bingo site.

Before signing up using a PayPal account, look at the site’s terms and conditions first to make sure players that use PayPal for their initial deposit aren’t excluded from the welcome bonus.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit limits for transactions depend on the casino website. There is usually a minimum of a £10 deposit required for PayPal, and the maximum limit is typically set at around £200 for each deposit.

Another restriction that PayPal has is with regards to its buyer protection service. It is available when buying online but not to online casinos and gambling. It doesn’t cover any online activities that make users win any online prizes.

Are There Charges For Using PayPal?

Using PayPal with an online bingo account is free of charge, but the online bingo site may charge a currency conversion fee if you are gambling in a different currency from your bank account.

Withdrawal Times With PayPal

Depositing from a PayPal account to your player account is swift and easy. Yet, withdrawals might take time like other payout options.

Same as other payment options, winning withdrawals on PayPal differs on each site. For PayPal accounts, maximum withdrawal can be limited to £500, and in these instances, you will have to withdraw into your bank account instead.

What is Paypal?

The name speaks for itself. It is one of the oldest and most significant electronic wallets. PayPal has been serving people and businesses since 1998. Elon Musk started the company and sold it to eBay in 2002 as it was one of the main ways eBayers used to pay for their online auctions.

For more than two decades of service, PayPal has proven it’s worth to those who transact online, and during that time, the number of active users on PayPal is now more than 325 million.

The sheer size of PayPal is mind-blowing as you can find Paypal in more than 200 markets, whether online or not, around the world.

It gives the players access to an e-wallet service anywhere and everywhere, and the ability to quickly log on to their website using your phone, pc or tablet browser is part of what makes the service so popular. PayPal has also developed a mobile application that is available for download in AppStore and Play Store. By having the app installed on a smartphone, you can quickly log in and check transactions, send payments and receive notifications for all the account activity.

With PayPal, the users can quickly go shopping online and it is now one of the best options for funding online casino accounts. Together with ease of use, PayPal offers fast deposit transactions. We’ve also compiled a list of great slot sites that accept PayPal Payments.

How To Use PayPal

Choose PayPal as a payment option for topping up online bingo. Here is a step by step instruction on how to set up your account with PayPal.

  • Go to their website and click on sign up.
  • It will ask users to label their account as personal or business.
  • Just choose personal for your online casino transactions and hit next.
  • On this page, it will let you choose from the online shopper, individual seller/freelancer.
  • Just pick which one you prefer, then click next.
  • This page will ask you to provide your mobile number to send you an SMS with a 6-digit code to verify you are creating an account.

To open a PayPal account, you will need to supply the following information:

  • email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • password
  • Confirm password

The list above is mandatory. Once done, hit next.

  • This next page will ask you for your other general information like address and birthdate, and nationality.
  • For more verification, they may ask you to provide government IDs.
  • The last step is to click on ‘I Agree’ and create an account of the given terms and conditions.

To further verify your account, they will send you a link to your provided email address.

You can begin your transactions by linking your credit card or your bank accounts. You can opt for one option or both of them.

Both methods require that your address on your bank accounts matches the address you registered on your PayPal.

For linking your card to your Paypal, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Credit card number
  • Card type
  • The expiration date of your card
  • CVV or CVS number which you can find at the back of your card
  • Address

For bank account:

  • Name of your bank
  • Bank account type
  • Routing number or bank account code depending on which country you are at
  • Account number

An additional verification process is required for both. Charges may apply depending on the bank or credit card.

You have to note the 4-digit pin you will find on your next credit card statement for further verification. Once you have it, go back to your PayPal wallet and enter the pin to verify the link to your card.

The charge will be refunded back to your card within 30 days of verification. If you don’t want to go through this process, you may opt to enter your bank details.

PayPal will tag it as confirmation of ownership once done as long as you have entered the matching bank account information.

Within three days, PayPal will make two deposits amounting to between £0.01 to £0.99 on your bank account. The currency conversion will depend on which country you are in.

To confirm, all you have to do is go back to your wallet and enter the exact amount deposited. You will successfully link your bank account to your PayPal account.

All you have to do now is deposit money to your PayPal account and link it to your online bingo account.

How PayPal Works

Online payments require personal account details in making a transaction.

With PayPal, players only have to enter it once, and then you can use your email address and PayPal password to pay for things.

The flexibility and ease of use combined with security make PayPal so popular any financial information or confidential information is stored safely on the PayPal platform.

Another great feature of PayPal is that it allows players to link more than one card or bank account. This is a useful feature of the platform if you want to send PayPal payments from different bank accounts.

Given that PayPal is a large international organisation, you can send money in over 100 different currencies, so if you wish to play at a casino or bingo site in another currency, you can easily do so.

How Secure is Paypal?

Safety and security is a question for transacting money online. Building trust with users and clients is one of the foundations that PayPal has. Peace of mind is a must.

With the long-running years of service, PayPal has proven that the account is safe with them. Here are some security facts regarding PayPal

  • Paypal is one of the largest digital wallet platforms. They use 128-bit data encryption and anti-fraud security tools.
  • Paypal complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard).

PayPal is very strict with its partnership. They require their partners to also comply with PCI DSS. Once you see a PayPal logo on the bingo website, it gives you peace of mind that you are playing on a reputable website.

PayPal monitors every transaction made 24/7. They make sure to send a confirmation email for every transaction that is made. Having a mobile app gives additional security options like Pincode and biometrics.


Below are some of the most common questions that get asked when it comes to everything related to payments with PayPal and bingo sites.

Why do players need to deposit using PayPal?

Many online bingo players use credit or debit cards to deposit. It is a convenient way to make a payment. However, players need to memorize or carry account numbers.

Carrying bank details is bad for people who are always on the move. They will often encounter problems with lost cards and bank details. Players may also encounter stolen credit cards on the commute.

The benefit of having a PayPal account is to prevent such risks. With PayPal, it is easy to link bank accounts and credit cards. They will enjoy having everything they need in one electronic wallet.

Players who deposit using credit and debit cards find it hard to withdraw. Without electronic wallets, withdrawing money becomes a hassle.

With PayPal payments on bingo sites, withdrawals are easy. Some players will even say it’s as quick as making payments.

All bingo winnings can go straight to PayPal wallets. It will be easy to transfer the funds to the linked bank accounts but this the players personal preferences.

Lastly, making PayPal deposits on bingo games and slot games come with extras. This is true for many bingo sites. These sites offer bonuses exclusive to PayPal users.

Is PayPal safe?

PayPal is almost synonymous to security. It is the reason why it has a huge user base of over 200 million.

This electronic wallet encrypts all private information. This prevents data leak to unauthorised entities.

Also, PayPal does not allow any gambling operator to access private information. This will allow players to have a worry-free gaming experience.

All transactions to bingo sites with PayPal are closely monitored. This will prevent identity theft or fraud. The user is alerted of suspicious activity with the PayPal account.

With PayPal’s stringent regulations, only trusted sites use its service. When an online bingo site supports PayPal, it is sure to be secure.

They have a fantastic resolution centre to deal with all customer complaints and investigations.

What are the other payment options?

An option for those without bank accounts is Paysafecard. It is a prepaid voucher with cash equivalents. It’s good and fast but is not available to many users.

There is Apple Pay for iOS users. Depositing with this is also easy and with added security. Though, there is no withdrawal option with this one.

Some networks also have a ‘Pay by Mobile’ option. This lets players pay for their deposits on the next phone bill. Yet, there is still no withdrawal option.

They also have Boku payments. This is a safe and secure ‘pay by phone’ method. But, like the previous one, it does not have a withdrawal option.

Another option is Neteller. It is also an electronic wallet with secure deposits and withdrawals. The catch is, both deposits and withdrawals come with transaction fees.

Skrill is also an option for payment. This electronic wallet is fast, secure, and easy. That’s despite its 7.5% withdrawal charge.

With all the payment methods above, PayPal still has more benefits. It is safe, easy, secure, and free. It is the way to go for a stress-free online bingo experience.

What is needed to verify a PayPal account?

As mentioned earlier, a verified PayPal account is needed to make transactions. It is easy but may not be available to some players.

The most important requirement is a linked bank account. Players may also link credit card accounts for this.

It also has PayPal credits. This is an option much like credit cards. The downside to this is the strict requirements when applying.