Nevada Sports Betting Industry Remains Strong

Published: 3rd January 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 7th April 2022

Nevada’s sports betting industry remains strong, reaching new levels of handling.

Affiliate Insider estimates that $614.9 million has been wagered on sports over the course of November. The previous record was $596.8 million, set in March this year. This new highest number represents an increase of 2.9 percent over that figure.

For this segment, the state’s income also rose year-on-year, outdoing New Jersey’s sports betting rise once again.

The sports betting handle figures have rose by 5.7 percent relative to November 2018. Additionally, this year’s revenue of $31 million reflects a 14.3 percent increase in figures from last year’s same era.

Last month, American football remained the king of sports bettors in Nevada. In this region, $384.6 million was wagered, which was 62.6% of the state’s final figures. Basketball was second for the handle, which amounted to $166.6 m.

Sportsbooks earned just under $22.5 million in revenue out of the millions wagered on American football. It indicated a 5.85 percent hold. While, the basketball keep was 4.89 percent and $8.149 million in revenue.

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