DraftKings Inc Sign Supplier Deal With Genius Sports

DraftKings Inc has signed a new supplier deal with Genius Sports to deliver its full range of official sportsbook data and content, as well as fan interaction tools, which includes a full spectrum of NFL-related products.

The collaboration with DraftKings, according to Genius Sports, “signifies the international adoption of official sports data across the sports ecosystem.”

DraftKings will use Genius Sports’ technology to help enable immersive and personalised live experiences for millions of fans as part of the deal. It will also have access to Genius Sports’ exclusive, official data and live video feeds from over 170,000 events per year, as well as the company’s official NFL data products, dynamic content, and player acquisition and retention solutions.

DraftKings was named one of the NFL’s tri-exclusive official sports betting partners in April 2021. Genius Sports also became the league’s exclusive distributor of real-time official play-by-play statistics, proprietary Next Gen Stats (NGS) data, and an official sports betting data feed during that time period.

Genius Sports NFL package

DraftKings will also be one of the first betting companies to launch a comprehensive Genius Sports NFL package, including NGS, which will power the whole player lifecycle, from new player acquisition through pre- and in-game engagement, as well as long-term retention.

DraftKings will expand its official sports data offering as a result of this partnership, giving clients secure, authorised, and official data from top-tier leagues outside of the NFL, including as the English Premier League, Liga MX, and NASCAR.

Customers will be able to wager on hundreds of new competitions, including Argentine and Colombian soccer, as well as the American Hockey League, through these official live broadcasts, bolstering the company’s position as a major provider of live betting goods.

In addition, for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and key soccer events, DraftKings will use BetBuilder, Genius Sports, and Sportcast’s fully automated single-game parlay solution.

Working to better experience and products

Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer, DraftKings said: “Our customers are at the forefront of all we do and we are always working to better their experience and our products.

“The mutually beneficial terms of this agreement allow us to leverage Genius’ technology for years to come. 

“We are excited to expand on the capabilities of our products and provide new and exciting features for our customers like single-game parlays, while having confidence in the integrity of the data we utilise to fuel our offerings.”

Mark Locke, CEO at Genius Sports commented: “Being selected by DraftKings, one of the most prolific sportsbook brands in the US, is another historic achievement for Genius Sports.

“This partnership reinforces our commitment to official sports data and demonstrates its intrinsic value in helping our sportsbook partners stand out from the competition. Our data, trading, streaming and marketing services deliver a complete set of sportsbook solutions that are backed by the largest leagues in world sports, including the NFL.”

NFL Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Christopher Halpin said: “We have invested heavily to ensure that our official data is the fastest, richest and most accurate available, and are committed to continued innovation.

“With Genius, DraftKings and the NFL working together on official sports data, we will help create a highly engaging, secure and sustainable sports betting environment for fans to enjoy.”

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