Bounty Sports Partners With SCCG Management For US Entry

Published: 4th October 2021
Author: Debbie Hewlett
Last Updated: 23rd February 2023

Bounty Sports, a paid fantasy pick’em service, has partnered with SCCG Management to introduce its platform to the United States, which was previously only available in Canada.

Bounty Sports has committed major resources to expand its peer-to-peer platform as a fan interaction tool to average sports fans, with the help of SCCG Management and its network of partnerships.

Bounty Sports hosts daily contests in which fans compete against one another to pick winning teams. Correct picks earn users points, and the top-scoring users win cash prizes.

The website intends to attract fans who are weary of traditional fantasy sports models by offering a pleasant online community where users can connect with other sports lovers without having to spend a lot of money or time.

Stakes low and the fun high

Bounty Sports CEO Jess Hodgson stated: “Whether it’s online or at the office, you see the same few people winning traditional fantasy sports pools. Pros are making a lot of money off average fans, who spend countless hours building rosters only to lose interest.

“We knew that there was still a desire in the market for fans to engage with each other but had to build a tool to keep the stakes low and the fun high. Bounty has done exactly that. The results and feedback we’ve received so far has been incredible.”

Traditional fantasy sports models, according to the Bounty Sports team, are aimed at specialists and pros who devote time to mastering intricate scoring systems and maintaining current on squad changes across leagues.

Bounty Sports’ “Fantasy Pick’Em” combines classic pick’em style pools with the social element of fantasy sports to create an altogether new way for fans to interact with and play in fantasy sports.

Bounty Sports Cofounder Mark Broxterman commented: “Most fans have come to accept that playing fantasy sports is a negative-sum game. Most online platforms are dominated by a very small minority of players who use complex models and algorithms. It’s no longer a fun game, it’s a business for experts and pros.”

Huge piece of the sports fan market

SCCG Management’s Founder and CEO, Stephen Crystal, added: “In order to support the largest number of fans participation in US sports, we need to be able to reach out whenever and however they are ready to engage.

“Fantasy sports is a huge piece of the sports fan market, and just as traditional fantasy sports bridges and supports the traditional sports betting industry, the Bounty Sports DFS platform bridges and supports the casual sports fans. We are committed to growing the size of the tent for the US sports fan.”

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