BIG3 Teams Up With US Integrity For Bolstered Betting-Related Integrity

Published: 14th July 2021
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 23rd February 2023

The three-on-three basketball league BIG3 has teamed up with US Integrity (USI), a technology-driven sports wagering monitoring firm. As fans across the country bet on the league’s highly anticipated fourth season, USI will provide security against betting-related fraud and corruption.

The BIG3 2021 season began this past weekend in Orleans Area in Las Vegas, with live coverage on CBS.

BIG3 has drawn top talent from all parts of basketball, including players, coaches, and skilled sideline commentators. It is a fast-growing league with a committed fanbase. USI advised the league as it sought wagering approval in numerous US states and jurisdictions, as well as widespread wagering through multiple sportsbooks from coast to coast.

US Integrity’s CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew Holt, commented: “High-profile athletes, a popular sport like basketball and great media partners like CBS and Triller are a great start to fan engagement. 

“Sports betting takes that engagement to another level entirely. We were honoured to have the opportunity to introduce BIG3 to regulators across the country  who have legalised and launched regulated sports betting.” 

One-of-a-kind services

Chris Hannan, CEO of BIG3, said: “US Integrity’s one-of-a-kind services have made them an ideal partner for the BIG3 as it embarks on a long-awaited fourth season. Not only is reliability and trust in our league paramount, but the fan data and insights will have long-term benefits as we grow the league in coming years. Our fans are a huge part of what makes the BIG3 so unique and putting them at the forefront of our priorities is pertinent.”

USI will provide integrity monitoring services via its unique dashboard throughout the season. Hundreds of data sets are analysed by the firm. This includes account-level wagering information provided directly by sportsbook partners to USI in order to uncover potentially suspicious gambling activity and anomalous contest-level patterns for clients across the domestic sports betting industry.

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